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I can't wait for this to launch on XBLIG. I hope a good number of people wait and play it there so Microsoft will take notice.

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Finished COD BOPS before the holiday on veteran.  I wanted to finish it due to how much Assassin's Creed Brotherhood rocks and how much I wanted to devote myself to it.  I have put New Vegas on hold, but I'm sure when I finish "Ass Bro" I will go back to it.  Got Rock Band 3 in a couple of days ago (as a Christmas Present, but opened it anyway due to a friend being in town for Thanksgiving) and it has some really nice improvements over 2.  Now that my friend has gone back home, I will hide it away with the kids presents and act surprised when I open it Christmas day.  Also, should be getting 3D Dot Game Hero for Christmas, which I have wanted to play for a while now, and at $20 from Amazon, it seemed like a good time. 
With my friend in town played some co-op games including Splinter Cell: Conviction, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Fable III, Rock Band 3 (duh), Magic The Gathering: Duels of the Plains Walkers, COD BOPS (zombies), and some other stuff that I am forgetting.  I think the highlight was Splinter Cell. 
Also got to run a game of Gamma World with some friends on Black Friday with ended up being a huge hit.  Two of the players with regulars in my games and two got to play for the first time.  It was a lot of fun, and nobody wanted the night to end, but we are all mostly responsible adults and had other obligations.    

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It seems like we are done with most of the new games for now.  Assassins Creed Brotherhood will be out on Tuesday, and I will be buying that, everything else will have to wait until next year (unless I get games for Christmas).  I picked up Fallout New Vegas, Call of Duty Black Ops and Fable III.  I still feel that I missed out on several games! 
So, today I will talk about Fable III.  I think at this point you are playing Fable III only if you are a fan of the other games, but there are a lot of changes, not all for the better.  Overall I enjoyed it, bu there were a few odd design choices such as the end game.  If you are a fan of Fable, you should play it, but be warned, you might want to save some money up before you become King! 
Still playing Fallout:  New Vegas, and I'm sure I will be for a while.  Every time I pick up a new game I have to but it on hold.  RIght now I am mostly playing Call of Duty, but we'll see if that continues when I pick up Assassins Creed.  I am playing through Black Ops on Vetran like I tend to do with Call of Duty games, so it is slow going.
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@jozzy said:
" @Utiow21 said:
" @Lukaz said:
" Play Enslaved. I highly recommend it. You should at least rent it considering some of the games that you decided to purchase. "
If there's one game I buy this holiday season, this will be it, if only because I fear it will go the way of so many other great games with a ton of heart that were overlooked due to bigger, blockbuster games. "
Enslaved unfortunately is the poster child of a rental game. It's around 8 to 10 hours long with it's strong point being the story and atmosphere. The gameplay just isn't fun enough to play through it more than once. "

In my book, if a game is worth playing, it is worth buying.  The only question you then have to ask yourself is how much you are willing to pay for it.  That is when keeping your eyes open for a sale.  I have picked up many games at Target that have only been out for a month or two on sale for $40.  In my book $40 is a good price point for a game.  But renting and buying used just seem to rob the people that work hard to bring me these great games, so I am willing to spend a couple extra bucks to buy it new.  Heck, I got Blur for $10 new a couple of weeks after it came out!
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Trust me, I want to.
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I have had some issues here and there, but I am enjoying the hell out of this game.  I have to admit that there was a point when I almost walked away from the game, but I gave it a day and came back and the bug was gone.  Where did it go?  I don't know and don't care, all I know is that I love this game.  But, still hope to see a patch soon.
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I can't wait for portal 2.... but there is a sea of games to play before we get there...
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I found myself craving a good RPG a couple of weeks ago and now I have Fallout New Vegas and soon to be knee deep in Fable III.  F:NV is aready a ton of RPG, and I then there is Costume Quest!  Be careful what you wish for.  Now I have to think about what is is around the bend, like Assassins Creed Brotherhood (which looks awsome after reading about it in Game Informer), not to mention games I may have to pass on such as Rock Band 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops and ones that that I have already passed on such as Castlevania, Dead Rising 2 and Enslaved.  I hope you games understand, but I just can't afford to buy all of you!  Here's to hoping that you are still on my mind when the busy season is over. 
Oh, and what about the games that I have and haven't finished yet.  HAWX 2, Death Spank: TOV, Hellboy: The Science of Evil (yes, I know it's a bad game, but it's Hellboy), Ace Combat 6, Monkey Island 2 SE and I'm sure there are more!  Plus I would love to put in more time with Civ V and Halo Reach, but when will I find time.  Plus, I just started a Gamma World campain.
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