Is this really a legitimate strategy? (a short SF4 rant)

I just played a match of SF4 against a player who ONLY spammed hadokens. I really don't see this much, but this isn't the first time I've encountered players that play like this. I mean, I'm just average at SF4, but I feel like this strategy is absolutely ridiculous. All you can do is jump/FAD through them, but it gets to a point where it just becomes overwhelming when the missile spam spans for entire matches. To make matters worse, every time I actually got close enough, I get a few hits in and am promptly L-HK'd until he gets enough distance to continue the spam. I'm guessing the best way around this is to keep pressure on the other player, but it's really hard to do when said other player has such an obscene play style. Any more seasoned players know a way around this strategy? Or is it as hard as I think to win against it? 
 (Btw, I'm going to play some SF4 right now so add me if you want to play a few matches. GT is xATHFxMrBubbles.)