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That explains alot, cheers cjmabry! 
I thought I saw it say downloading was all....oh well. 
I'll just leave it overnight and hopefully be done when I get in from work tomorrow!

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It sucks, I waited for Marvel Online Universe, for it to get cancelled. I played COH/COV and loved it. I put my free 30 day subscription on and I'm now down to 29 days with nothing to show for it.
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I bought this game at 9:30am from my local GAME store and couldn't wait to put it in my PS3. So eagerly, with all the thrill of a child on the E numbers from the blue Smarties, I put it in my PS3 at precisely 10:00am; after clearing space on my 60Gb PS3 for the hefty 25.5Gb suggested on the back of the box. Yet I thought, 'If that's what DCUO wants, that's what DCUO shall have'. 
So the first update from PSN at 113Mb comes and goes in the space of about 30 minutes, a bit of a long time, but hey, it's just been released today. Then I get onto the game itself, and an 11Gb download comes along, and I'm expecting a good 3 hour wait (I have crappy broadband). But alas, in just under 40 minutes, this download had passed. 
'Amazing servers', 'SOE know exactly what they're doing' and 'Why doesn't Batman have a bulge?' were just some of the questions which crossed my mind as I awaited, what I had presumed to be, a 5 minute, 2Gb download. 
That was at about 11:30am this morning, but here I am, a good 12 hours later, and the 2Gb download is only at 20%. 
I'm sad and angry.

And I'll never be Wonder Woman's bitch. 
So.......anyone else from the UK suffering from the same problem?

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I love this game immensely, so much so that i spent nigh on 5 hours out in the bitterly freezing winds just to purchase it. 
I love how it is essentially 3 games in one, the campaign, firefight and multiplayer modes could each have retailed for £40 and I still would have bought each, and I'm sure the reviews would still be similar to what they are. 
I have not slept since (well, barely), but I feel that immersed in the game that I have started to pick out the little flaws. 
Theres the obvious things like how god-damn annoying Legendary mode is, and wondering if I'll ever up that achievement. 
But theres the little parts, such as how useless the majority of the plasma-based weapons are online. Only the needle rifle is of any use, and even still, it is some way off how useful the beam rifle and the needler were in Halo 3. 
So what I would like to know is what you would change to make it better?
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Yeah its one of the achievements