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Great read. Derek is one of my favorite modern designers, and a genuinely nice guy. He's also incredibly supportive of other independent developers.

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I appreciate when someone can not only admit that they're good, but can in turn thank the game for allowing them to become so. Spelunky and the Souls game do just that, and it's oh so satisfying!

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Great article, @patrickklepek. I always enjoy reading about projects that are so personal to their creators. I also sympathize with wanting to move away from your first project like she did, out of fear of being type-cast as a certain type of designer.

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The near-reboot of 1up is fascinating, never knew about that. It honestly breaks my heart whenever a gaming site goes under, or the crew breaks up.

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These are all good changes for the most part. It's unfortunate that the original system was so easily (and obviously) exploitable, but I appreciate that they are finally addressing these issues.

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Congrats to Tom on his massive success! And an amazing story. As someone who walked down a similar path, I could only nod my head as I read through this.

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@killacam said:

rad. every console being a dev kit makes the prospect of owning one actually appealing.

Yep, it'll be just like with the retail Xbox 360 (which I spent the majority of my time developing on), although it sounds like it should be even easier this time. This is exciting as a developer.

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I admit this flew under my radar as well due to the multiplayer requirement, but this article (and the new pricing model) sold me. Honestly seems like a fun experience. I too would love some single player component but understand it's easier said that done. I hope the game does well for him.

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@rorie: Thanks Rorie, I'm not too worried about missing time and have no problem manually renewing. I just wanted to give it a few days and make sure that it wasn't a temporary hiccup since the internet can be crazy like that.

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@velamo05 said:

Mine is like this too! Though I never did anything different to my account for it to do such...Is this just a bug and something wonky happened? Or do I just need to resub? (For anyone who knows...obviously not the user who created the post since s/he seems just as lost as me)

I was hoping it was just a bug with the system not logging me in with my proper credentials, but logging out and then back in hasn't resolved the issue. At least I know it's not just me so far.

Also attempted on two different systems, Win7 64-bit and Win8 64-bit.

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