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I dont agree that this game is a waste of money..
However, except from having good graphics and a good design it kinda sucks...
ALL the dungeons are identical, the dialouge is recycled over and over, the combat gets old fast,you cant really go where youd like, the story is boring up until the last 30 minutes.
The game feels like a series of irrelevant sidequests.. Now the game in it self isnt all that bad. But its not just a game; Its Dragon age..  I expected Bioware to put some effort and love in their IPs but this feels rushed and uninspired... 
Buy it if you want, but dont expect the quality that is Dragon Age: origins.
I have loved all the games from Bioware up until now, because this is game was a let down.

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No.. Can't make it.. I have to stay home and play SSFIV...

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SSFIV / console wars YAY! 
It doesnt really matter on what console ya play SSFIV, tho. 
I play it on the Xbox because thats where all my fighting friends are at.

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Used to main Sagat and Balrog. Im ditching Balrog definately, but im torn between Dudley and Cody.
They are both so fun to play.
Dydley is a real fast character and has alot of health and some amazing combos.
Cody does alot of damage over a short time and can ble quite annoying to play against (kinda like Sagat) Wich is a good thing.
EDIT: Guy is boring :P

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@MVP1101 said:
" They should add Q, YIn, Yang , Alex and maybe a revamped Sean.   "
I second this..
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Wait, Are tehre any evidence that the majority of SSFIV games played now are pirated versions ?
I see Capcom sending out a huge batch to press and community front persons all over Europe.
Not only that tons of Gamestops in Britain have their retail copies in stock so there are bound to be alot of employees taking home copies.

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Dont support piracy! its bad, Mkay ?
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I see...
Went through the opening without a damn weapon. 
Is it me or does that make the expansion kinda flawed?
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anybody else missing the starfang sword in awakening ?

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Got it for the Xbox... 
If you dont know why, you never will..

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