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I just want to say how happy I am to see pictures of Ultima Online posted on a video game website in 2013. Such an awesome game that will never exist again.

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I really wish zazzle would print on black mugs. That XCOM logo looks good on that mug, but it'd be really great if it were a black mug instead of white. I went ahead and bought the 1940s Aperture Science mug from the Valve store, but I'm considering getting the one with the modern logo for myself.

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I've got a friend who plays lots of games and drinks lots of coffee so I figured for the holidays coming up I'd try and get something that combines the two. Unfortunately so far I've found not many companies actually sell mugs (which I guess shouldn't be a surprise, they make games, not coffee cups).

Any suggestions where I should look?

Sites I've found so far that sell mugs: Valve, Doublefine, Thinkgeek (even though the game ones are mostly the valve ones again).

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I was conflicted at first, but after seeing how excited the GB crew seemed to be about it, I'm totally sold. More GiantBomb with better equipment and a better budget? Yes please!

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@kcsants: Oh man I wasn't sure about the setting but those screenshots actually make it look really good.