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I see that when you pre-order you get Goro, however on the PS4 store it says only if you pre-order the premium edition. I was under the impression that it was for the regular edition of the game as well. Is this not the case? The Xbox One digital version does seem to come with Goro.

Here's what it says on the PS4 store.

Pre-order Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition and access legendary fighter, Goro, as a bonus! Play on 4/14/15 starting midnight ET.

That is in the description of the regular $60 edition of the game.

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@kevin_cogneto: I find it telling that he never came back to say which ones he was stuck on. Most of the puzzles are straightforward so I assume he got stuck on something simple that he just wasn't thinking of.

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@kevin_cogneto: It probably was. It sounds like Sony did front most of the cash so I can't exactly blame them for it. I just started Year 3 and it's been rock solid on PS4.

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I'm guessing you are running on intel graphics since all GPUs from AMD and Nvidia from 3 years ago support OpenGL 3.3. Intel has really bad OpenGL support across the board.

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It's been a week since release. I know the servers were shaky that first day but are they just not going to do one?

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Is there any way to actually search by name? I can't find it.

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Yep. I asked for them to add a small delay over in the bug reporting forum but it didn't get any attention.

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Ah, thanks. I don't remember either of them from any other GB content.

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Quick question about the bit. Who was playing the Russian version of Alex and Patrick? I placed Will Smith, Pope and Drake but couldn't figure out who the other two were (or if they were on any GB content before).

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$68.3 Million