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If it weren't for The Walking dead this would be the best by far.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: It doesn't look much better than the 360 version I played but having a solid 60fps on PC would be great.

What the fuck are you talking about?!

It obviously has better textures and is running at a higher resolution but it isn't THAT much better looking than the console versions. The main draw for the PC version is that it will run at 60fps. It looked quite good on the 360 but the framerate was kinda iffy.

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I just started playing and have no fucking idea what is going on. Falling on a broken church and then fighting angels in a cemetary. I have no clue.

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It's not going to happen but one thing I would like to see is tags so you know what games are talked about on each podcast (all of them, not just game of the year).

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I thought the same thing and I think I mentioned it in some other thread. Being able to hire crew, level them up and improve your ship would be freaking awesome. Think a pirate version of Mass Effect 2 with the AC3 naval battles.

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The entire UI of this game was really flawed at a fundamental level. They need to bring in a good UX person to help them out for the next one.

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@Barrabas: I actually liked Burnout 2 more than the first.

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A lot of games released lately have had bad audio mixes. In Assassin's Creed III I had a problem where the crowd noise would make it really hard to hear a conversation between Connor and whoever he was talking to. I've started to turn subtitles on for every game for this reason alone.

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Why not. ElTango24

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@bigstrat2003: My biggest problem in that first most wanted race is I just get fucking swarmed by the cops in the last 2 miles or so which causes me crash into something while the guy I'm racing just drives past unhindered by the cops.