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Looks the same way for me in chrome.

EDIT: Just fiddled around in chrome dev tools and it seems Chrome is rendering the text as bold, adding font-weight: normal; to those anchor tags fixes it.

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It was a stupid idea, no matter the gender. I think that is the point that a lot of people are trying to make but are coming across as sexist.

The first time I had seen anything about that statue was when the outrage started. If I had seen that thing on a store shelf or something I would have just thought, "wow, that is really dumb" and moved on with my life.

Some people are far too quick to pull the "sexism" card whenever something happens involving a female. Is there sexism in the video game industry? Absolutely. Is this statue sexist? Absolutely not.

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Does anyone else find it strange that a game that is supposed to be coming out in only a few months has absolutely zero gameplay footage available?

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I really loved AC3 but the whole homestead felt super clunky and the crafting was terrible.

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Beam me up Scotty!


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Doesn't seem too bad. They had a buyer and are using Bankruptcy to write off some of their debt. I assume this was their plan all along.

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If it weren't for The Walking dead this would be the best by far.

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@Bourbon_Warrior: It doesn't look much better than the 360 version I played but having a solid 60fps on PC would be great.

What the fuck are you talking about?!

It obviously has better textures and is running at a higher resolution but it isn't THAT much better looking than the console versions. The main draw for the PC version is that it will run at 60fps. It looked quite good on the 360 but the framerate was kinda iffy.

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I just started playing and have no fucking idea what is going on. Falling on a broken church and then fighting angels in a cemetary. I have no clue.