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I beat the two Dragon Riders and have opened the shortcut to the bonfire but can't figure out where to go from here. There is a door that is locked next to a lever that I cannot pull. There is also the area with the 3 archers near where you open the shortcut but that seems to be a dead end.

Any hints on how to progress would be great!

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I think for the most part the bosses are easier than they were in the first game. The only one I really had trouble with were the Belfry Gargoyles.

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@demoskinos: Thanks! I've been in all of those houses but I must have not noticed the switch.

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Does anyone know how to get to Harvest Valley? I've been looking for a way for over an hour now and I have no idea where to go. I just finished the Executioner's Chariot fight and the bonfire is a dead end. After googling it seems that I should head to Harvest Valley but nothing I have found explains how to do that.

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@bnutz2k: I am doing it solo since I burned all of my Effigies already. Most of the people I summoned would die almost instantly.

@yi_orange: I'm not having problems blocking most of the damage (using Twin Dragon Greatshield, 95% physical reduction). My issue is when they start blowing fire. They all end up in one big mass and I'm unable to move in to get behind the one blowing fire without taking damage from the other ones.

I got it down to 1 Gargoyle with about 50% health but I had no healing items left and took damage from his fire (ground wide spray).

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I'm in the same boat. I've summoned numerous people and even together we just get overwhelmed. I burned all my weapon buffs (resins) along with all of my Human Effigies. I've probably fought them about 40 times at this point and I'm no closer than I was 4 hours ago.

When I take it slow,eventually too many of them spawn to keep up with. If I try to single them out and try to focus them down individually, I end up getting crushed trying to get to the one I am working on (they seem to hide in the back and blow fire).

All of the other bosses have been manageable but this one is a fucking nightmare.

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Looks like the textures didn't load in. Is it doing it consistently or was this a one time thing?

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Anyone else having issues with judging fall damage. I've died numerous times from falls that in the first game would have done very little or no damage at all. It's a pretty big change and takes some time to get used to.

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@rorie: I can confirm that Szlifiers solution fixes the problem for the most part.

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