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This isn't really a bug but more a design critique. When I have a GB video paused in one tab and go to switch back and click play, 50% of the time I end up accidentially opening up the "Reviews" dropdown and clicking one of the reviews in there. It would be nice if there was some sort of delay (similar to hoverIntent) to delay them opening when you accidentally mouse over them.

With the missing resume feature in the new player, it becomes a pretty big annoyance when I have to scrub through a video to find my spot again when this happens.

Probably not a priority but something I thought I should mention.

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After Jeff's luke warm review and quicklook I didn't think I was going to play it but with the game drought in full effect I decided to give it a shot and I'm liking it so far. Much better than I thought it would be based on Jeff's review.

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I'm getting this exact same issue. I can't watch any premium streams due to the constant buffering and stuttering. I have a 40Mbps connection and never have an issue watching any other streaming video except the ones on Giant Bomb. I can always fall back to youtube for the free stuff but the stuff I'm actually paying for (Subscriber content) is completely unwatchable. I just tried to watch the Evolve trailer and it couldn't even make it more than 30 seconds in to a 2 minute video without constant buffering. This happens on all video quality settings.

I'm running Chrome 32 in Windows 8.

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I thought Jeff was being a little harsh in the review but once you head to Helghan this game turns in to a shit show. Annoying ass robots that you have to disable with EMP but only have so many EMP charges to use. Turrets that you can only kill after inserting capacitors and shooting them. Infinite enemy spawns in a hold-out mission. A terrible boss fight where the guy just disappears for no reason. And now I'm floating through the air trying to get in to a space station and I'm being shot at every step of the way.

It almost seems like they didn't have time for any real gameplay testing on the back half. None of the things I've had to do in the second half of this game is fun.

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@flippyandnod: Makes perfect sense. I was thinking of it in 15fps intervals for some reason.

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I recently read that DriveClub is currently running at 30fps but the developers hope they will be able to get it up to 60fps by release. This made me wonder why developers don't lock their games to something in between, such as 45fps.

From what I understand, most games that can't hit 60 lock at 30 instead of running unlocked due to vsync/tearing issues. Wouldn't locking at 45fps negate the vsync and tearing issues that an unlocked framerate would have since it's exactly 3/4 of the common 60hz refresh rate? It would give the developers a nice middle ground between graphics and performance.

Maybe I'm just ignorant as to the true reason they lock at either 30 or 60. If so, let me know.

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Yep. They can also damage you if you start an event (when you are sitting waiting for it to start). Like Jeff said, this game has some great ideas but executes on them pretty poorly.

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@pompouspizza: Mine says 16GB when I hit Options > Information on the NFS tile.

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@seppli: It's mostly scenes with bright sunlight. There are scenes in BF4 that look great but any map where you are outside in direct sunlight it gets really harsh looking. This applies to all of NFS Rivals since the entire thing is outside.

With PVZ they don't have a super bright light source anywhere. It's very overcast looking. If you look at the first gamplay trailer ( it has the same harsh look to it.

I've only ever noticed it with Frostbite games. If anyone has any examples of games that use a similar style and don't use Frostbite I'd like to see them.

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This seems to be a Frostbite specific style. The lighting in pretty much all frostbite games seems very harsh. Especially when a scene has direct sunlight.