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Playing as Trevor, I picked up a hitchhiker while I was driving around. She was wearing a white dress and kept going on and on about how many drugs she had been taking that weekend while talking to her boyfriend on the phone as I drove. My better sense told me not to, but I was curious about the Altruist Cult so I decided I'd make an unscheduled stop at their headquarters to drop her off. An old man took her away in tears, handed me $1000, and I was left alone with my guilty conscience.

Instead of getting back in the car, I decided to explore some of the mountain and admire the scenery to get my mind off of the horrible thing I had just done. I saw beautiful vistas, majestic elk, treacherous roads, dense forests, and I had almost forgotten my misdeed when out of nowhere a mountain lion pounced on me from out of my view and made me his lunch. Wasted.

Turns out karma's a motherfucker even in crime-riddled open world games.

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I'm really into the multiplayer in mass effect 3, especially as a fun activity to do while listening to podcasts. But I am a little concerned for my triple digit purchases if others don't get sucked into ME3 multiplayer. I want to start doing gold runs now but I need more higher level players to help-- any other high level ps3 multiplayers wanna join up? TheBago is my name on PSN

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I've been playing the PS3 version for over 100 hours and have never experienced any major problems before or after the patch. No backwards dragons, consistently good frame-rate, and only one lock-up. It's fine, the internet makes things seem worse than they really are.

edit: literally five minutes after posting this I got my second lockup...

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gross. i'm just glad there's no animation.

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I wish the PS3 version had mod support so I could teach those little fuckers a lesson. Every time I come to a town, one or two little snotnosers are up in my shit just telling me random things when I didn't fucking ask. I can usually tolerate kids in other games, but in Skyrim they are legion and constantly blabbing about nothing. Did I just activate some strange pied-piper quest or are others experiencing the same thing?

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A little ways east of the southern end of Brittleshin Pass, just off the shoreline between the cliffs and the road. I want to know if anyone else sees a patrolling rabbit around the piles of blood and bones or if it's a coincidence. Either way, one of my favorite videogame moments ever.

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Time to eat some crow.

Boy, was I wrong about this game. It gets off to a bad start but now that I've put in the time I can totally see why people are orgasming all over this game, because I am now totally orgasming all over this game.

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Early on I made a choice I regretted - I followed Hadvar. I didn't really understand what that meant, and by the time I got out into Skyrim I'd realised I would've preferred to be a rebel. No problem, I thought, I'll just kill Hadvar and run off to the Stormcloaks.

So I knock this asshole down but he won't die. He gets up, now he's incandescent with rage and won't leave me the fuck alone. He chases me to the ends of the world. I managed to escape into a mine, cleared it, and carried on toward Riverwood. Who's waiting for me there? Pissed off Hadvar and his dad, who immediately also becomes pissed off. They're invincible furious nightmares. I can't advance the main quest because they attack on sight.

Am I screwed? I'm thinking this early on I should just restart, but I'd be disappointed if there wasn't a way out of this, like a way to change my allegiance for example. Any ideas?

exact same thing happened to me and i had to start a new game. this was the first event in a series of disappointments that colored my day 1 Skyrim experience.

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This is probably a case of impossibly high expectations, but I can't help feeling a little underwhelmed with my first four hours of Skyrim. I don't know why I expected otherwise, but so far it feels a lot like Oblivion, including most of its technical flaws and limitations. A few examples:

1) I tried killing Hadavar after leaving the starting dungeon-- after all, he's affiliated with people trying to execute me-- but it turns out it's not possible to kill him, he just takes a knee and his health refills. I had to restart my game because I had an invincible murderous dude following me around wherever I went.

2) I'm playing on PS3 and the framerate chugs along almost as bad as Oblivion did, especially in combat.

3) Third person mode is still horrible and floaty.

4) Even though menu interface looks nicer, it's still a major pain in the ass to equip and sort through inventory items. Also, I STILL have to pick up coins one at a time?!

I'm going to keep playing, but it's not the technical leap forward I had hoped, it just feels like another Oblivion and Fallout.

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Time to eat some crow.

Boy, was I wrong about this game. It gets off to a bad start but now that I've put in the time I can totally see why people are orgasming all over this game, because I am now totally orgasming all over this game. Hardly any performance dips now that I've let the game cache (this is total speculation) and the landscapes are gorgeous and detailed. Now that I'm playing an archer-thief-kitty, I'm finding third-person mode to be my preferred style. Melee is still a pain in the ass so I just don't use it. The menu still isn't perfect, but now that I have set up my favorites, it's not as clunky anymore. Second best game of the year after Dark Souls imo.

edit edit:

Skyrim needs a paper doll menu like most other RPGs to get a visual one-glance readout for currently equipped gear. I'd also love the ability to do side-by-side gear comparisons while looking at currently-equipped armor and armor in inventory

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Why do you hate yourself?