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Bit of chewy on the cpu hit the fan real hard with a hammer that should get it going a lot faster tip some really cold water into the vent or vents at the back this should keep the central tempreture down tho it may need to be repeated to maintain a nice low temp.

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My house it is in the middle of my street it is where friends and neibours sometimes meet you have not lived until you have been there. ;)

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No what should have happened instead of this ending or the ending we got is that shepard turns into a super saiyan goes though the relay into dark space he can because he is a super saiyan destroys all the reapers returns though a exploding black hole spirit bomb's the citidel then live it up on lillium.

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Currently following the Naruto Manga to it's end well I am hoping  it is going to end because I have been following it for 5+ years can honestly say it is the best Anime/Manga I have ever watched/read you can disagree I don't care.

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I would have to go with shepard survives reason being the only way I see bioware getting more out of this franchise is to go with shepard's romance creating off spring which in turn becomes the protoganist and in the following game if you got the shepard survives ending you get to meet your former M.C in Me4.