I like rogues. Wait...uh...

I´me not really too interested in what´s coming out on the full retail game front at the moment. Guess that´s at least a financial blessing. This coincides with work being really busy this time of year, and the weird, and kind of cool thing about it is that I gravitate towards roguelikes when this happens. Playing FTL some, because that´s a good game to play in bursts, and the Binding of Isaac, because it´s just super weird. Also, I´m eagerly anticipating (MARKETING PHRASE!!!) the Dark Souls DLC, which I´m sure will be great!


Late-year madness.


Skyrim. Skyward Sword. Saints Row 3. Uncharted 3. Mario 3D Land. Kirby on DS, Kirby on Wii. Did Dark Souls release in October? BF3 and MW3 going head to stupid head. That retro-new Halo game. Batman Arkham City. ANOTHER Assassin's Creed. I mean...there are probably more.

Anyone seen that "A Beautiful Mind" flick? John Nash talks about economics, and that if everyone tries to get at the same consumer, they'll probably end up losing opportunities to get at that consumer. Now, I don't know much about economics or marketing (Some might say I don't know much about a science book either, but those people are old school R'n'B enthusiasts), but even so, this seems ill advised.

What I'm getting at, probably well after the majority of people that think about this stuff on the net, is that it really seems terriffically boneheaded to release ALL THE DAMNED GAMES IN THE LAST TWO AND A HALF MONTHS OF THE YEAR. Ahem.

I know for a fact that I will lose interest in several of these games because I have no damned way of getting my hands on them before new stuff gets released after I finish the games I could actually afford to pick up. It's a priority thing.

I kind of feel like 2011 has been a fantastic year in terms of good games, but it's been an even better year in terms of publishers making the worst release time decisions possible. I give them an A for that.


Nomad. Not the handheld.

Moving again. Packing up shit, putting stuff in boxes, carrying heavy and unwieldy objects up and down stairs. Man, moving is the very bottom of the barrel as far as chores go. I get to box all my consoles and games, too. My advice to, well, my future self; Always keep the original packaging. You can't clingfilm a ps3. It's a good thing the new place is out in the boonies with only a rudimentary internet connection. Oh, right. That's not really a good thing. This is gonna be the world's least interesting reality show. Peace out.

The no-3DS-zone.

Yeah, so it's a couple of days after 3DS launch here in Norway, I've put my hands on it a couple of times, and I'm thoroughly unimpressed. The 3d works, sure. The slide pad or whatever it's called is nice. The retractable stylus is functional. But it just looks like a disaster! Why are the screens not the same size? Why is the slide pad a listless grey color? Why does it look like a DS fat when it's closed? And why does the battery suck so bad, when an iPad holds its charge for fifteen goddamned hours on normal use? I think that more than anything I'm disappointed that the rest of the console doesn't match the 3d screen. If the updated version adresses these issues, I'll get on the hype train at the first station. Until then there's a buuuuuuunch of DS games I want to get to.

Match X gems/rocks/chests to level up/advance/chill out.

Been playing a bunch of Puzzle Quest 2 on my newly aquired timesink, an iPad. Also been following Jeff Green's relentless twitter-assault on what remains of my free time. The quick look of Bejeweled 3 sold me pretty bad on that game, now tell me: HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN??? I'm not saying I'm the coolest guy around, not trying to pass my life off as some xtreme sports commercial, but man, last I looked in the mirror, at least I wasn't a stressed out/bored housewife hunched over a mouse playing Bejeweled!! It's like these damned casual game juggernauts find out exactly what scratches my itch, and then set about designing a sparkly, mind melting back scratcher of a game that sucks up ALL my waking hours. And it's so goddamned embarassing, talking to the folks at work; "yeah, so last night, I did this amazing combo in puzzle que.....err....yeah, so never mind, how about those sports, huh? Sure is snowing today!" Basically, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I enjoy simple puzzle games every bit as much as blockbuster games. I salute you, mr. Green.

Persona psp.

Just started playing the original, but touched up version of Persona on my psp go. So far, I'm impressed with the added cutscenes and menu redesigns, while the dungeoncrawling is visually different, but at the same time sufficiently reminiscent of P3 and 4 to keep me engaged. Really seems like a nice story, and I think the fact  that the social links not being a part of it suits a handheld game perfectly.  
I realize that I have pretty much painted myself into a phenomenally time consuming corner, playing FF13, Disgaea:  Afternoon of sorrow, Demon's souls, Persona 3 fes and Persona Psp at the same time. I mean, those games could probably tie me over until my hair turns grey, hell freezes over, and Duke Nukem Forever comes out. Really, it's an embarassingly poor decicion to start all of those games within the same time period. It's a blessing that I don't have any kind of deadline for this stuff. Especially since I have another stack of equally time consuming games to start on when/if I finish these.  
Anyhow. It's weird how this hobby sometimes takes on more job-like properties, though I suppose these are mostly imposed by myself. Guess it'd be a better idea to just keep playing, and not think about having to finish this and that.  
Signing off.  


Give me some color!

I wonder if anyone else feels this way about games.. 

I've found out I don't care much for those grey, dusty, hyper violent games. First person shooters with roided up dudes being all gung ho about everything, those don't do it for me. I have Killzone 2, and I see that the gameplay is good, and that the graphics and sound are phenomenal, but it's phenomenally gruesome, and I can't really stand it for long stretches of time. Feels kind of depressing. I'll trade it in, I guess.  So the COD games, and MAG, and Bad Company and stuff, those games don't even register on my radar anymore.  I
For some reason, most likely the Wii's reputation as a too-casual system, it feels almost embarassing to admit it, but the game I've spent the most time with is Twilight Princess. This was three years ago, andI hadn't played any Zelda games before, or really anything much on consoles at all,  and as such, the whole world of that game was amazing to me. And one of the things I like most about it is that it sometimes slows down to an absolute crawl, with nothing much happening at all. It gives me time to breathe, it feels like. 
To me, these games are on opposite ends of the spectrum of action-type games (can't really include Tetris in this, for obvious reasons). One side I like, one I'm tiring of. Between them are games like MGS4 and Uncharted. I like those too, probably because they seem to have a bit more creativity in them.
So, a completely random post, I guess, but that's what I was thinking about.  
Good evening!


Thar she blows!

Earlier, I posted a thing about having ordered Demon's Souls. This thing took its sweet time, arriving in my mailbox a full month after I ordered it. But now, lo and behold, I have in my hands a shiny US copy of the game, which is kind of neat for a European dude, and I've already sunk about three hours into it. Making little progress, as expected, and amazingly, not being frustrated by that fact. Great stuff!!! 
 Will post about my travails with the game in more detail at a later time. Now, it's time for some shut eye. Take care!


Retro gaming takes hold!

Yeeeeah! How about this?  
Got myself a boxfresh GBA micro for next to nothing, and I'm pumped! Gaming old-ass games on a postage stamp sized screen is my definition of fun, or at least A definition of fun. A weird one, I suppose, but be that as it may, I'm going to make my way through the original Metroid the only way I know how!: Totally by the seat of my pants, with no sense of direction, cursing at the screen! And if I eventually finish that, I got Metroid Fusion for about a buck fifty some months back, and that's a good one too.   
 So, in effect, I have stepped into a time machine, gone back to 2005, just went to the movies to see the chronicles of Narnia, and I've got my  headphones on, rocking out to Hollaback girl....oh god!!!!!! TAKE ME BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!!! 

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