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@finstern: That's a thought that warms my cold Nordic heart. He would be exasperated in the best way.

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@animasta: I know how you feel, duder. Time is a healer in these cases, but cats stay in your heart forever. Try to think about the good memories. Sad, but sweet, and that raw sadness gives way to a warm, fuzzy thankfulness after a while. But yeah, it's rough.

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I think it’s cool that they play a bunch of different stuff, be it old or new, but Brad hanging out in the back playing DOTA wasn‘t great. Maybe it’d have been alright if he had a dedicated color commentary or something, but the way it turned out wasn‘t super entertaining. Still, fun to see Dan having a ball, and the dynamic with the new guys seems good!

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Great to hear these two duders on the Bombcast, looking forward to madness/greatness going forward!

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That Ian Danskin dude sure speaks intelligently, at least in my opinion. I liked that, seemed like some well thought out stuff.

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Can't see myself buying an xbone, and so far, ps4 isn't a priority. I have a wiiU, and I like those games.

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I'm T-Royale28 on NNID.

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Holy shit, that was great! LOVE the Bombcast whistlin', and I sure do agree with the ending. Awesome work, duder!

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This dude in the comments on that IGN piece got it right, in my opinion. Also, I used to listen to some IGN podcasts until Moriarty’s attitude soured me on them completely. He does not strike me as someone who thinks these things through.Staephendedalus12 hours ago

Jesus Christ. For the last time, the controversy isn't about the fact that racism is in the game. It's about HOW the developer employs racism in a sensationalist manner as a cliche or plot device. It's taking a very serious topic and cheapening it. And you all want gaming to be taken seriously? Grow the eff up. That includes you, Colin. This is why gaming is still seen as 'the immature douche' medium. In fact, whenever I'm on any forum and the topic of gaming not maturing is brought up, I'll have a reason why. I'll just link them to a random comment section on IGN. Or an article like this, in which Colin deflects, derails, and makes light of a serious issue to reassure all the 15 year olds on here that they don't need to grow up.

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Oh, that Rorie sure can write! Enjoyed that, though I have little interest in playing the game. Oh, hey, and puppies.