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I was a little weary at first when the DSIII leaks came out. I was like, "already, ANOTHER Souls game?". But, it really does follow the pattern of releases they've kept to since Demon's Souls. It's just thrown into a bit of a flux because of Bloodborne being released in between DSII and DSIII. But, the more real info I hear about this game, the more excited I get. Ties directly back into Dark Souls! Inter-connected levels (admittedly I wasn't one waving the "Dark Souls II sucks because the levels don't fold over five times on themselves" flag. I like the structure of both games just fine)! Quality over quantity as far as the size of the world! Miyazaki back at the helm! It all sounds amazing so far. I think I'm already more excited about DSIII than I was about Bloodborne at least, but probably even moreso than I was about DSII.

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Sounds great! I'm nosferat3! Add me

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Yeah, I encountered this glitch on my NG+ run. I ended up summoning Thomas, and it was pretty easy. I had a hell of a difficult time trying to kill her with the poison. I probably could have eventually, but I was losing patience.

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I am addicted to these videos! Keep up the good work! When is episode 4 coming? I'm jonesing

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Don't beep out the swearing, that would be super lame. This video was absolutely awesome, and I can't wait to watch the rest of them! But seriously, the cursing is partly what makes it so funny

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I haven't beaten the game yet (in the Castle, recently beat the dual Dragonriders), but the toughest bosses for me (I started with shield and halberd, then shield and longsword, now I'm basically two-handing my longsword +10 and rolling instead of blocking) were Smelter Demon (really fun battle though. Meleeing this guy was challenging), Ruin Sentinels (had to summon help for this one. I feel confident now I could beat them on my own), Lost Sinner (this took 22 attempts. She's so fast and aggressive), and the Gargoyles (also 22 attempts. Ugh). I'm way more biased than I probably should be, but I think most of the boss designs are great. I think The Rotten was incredibly awesome. My only problem with the designs were the beginning areas, it seemed EVERY boss was a knight, or knight-like. I think the bosses are on par, difficulty wise, with Dark Souls. There's just so many more. But, I love boss battles. LOVE THEM. Bring it on

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ALSO! That area, after the Gargoyles, with those 75 dogs and Vorgel the Sinner. Ugh, that was the most rage-inducing thing I've done in the game so far. That part can go bite the hairiest part of my ass

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I'm only about halfway through the game, so as yet I haven't reached Iron Keep, Amana, and many of these areas that have been mentioned. I had a hell of a time at the very beginning of the game, in the Forest of Fallen Giants. My weapon was garbage, and I was still pretty rusty. After that, most of the other areas have been manageable. I had a tough time getting through No-Man's Wharf, I'd say that was the one that gave me the biggest problem so far. Just beat Covetous Demon, and am gonna finish with Earthen Peak and whatever lies beyond it.

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I love this game. I think it's immensely fun. I'm not getting the framerate problems some people complain about, but there are some technically wonky things. I'm only 12 or so hours in, at the Ruin Sentinels. And they are kicking my ass, yet I just love it!