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Got mine today.


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RIP Ryan Davis, you'll always be a great guy, and condolences to his friends and family.

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Yeah that soundtrack... is amazing! They do have the same songs from before but the one called "New World" gets played in the trailer is a good remix track from the first game. And in the Japanese version of the game, they also have a song called "Rock Your Soul" that was used to promote the game in Japan. It sounds cheesy at first but I got hooked on it eventually.

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Man, hope Patrick gets well soon.

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@Demoskinos: Is Jay a fan of Fist of the North Star?

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@ArtisanBreads said:

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I haven't played Dynasty warriors but if by infinite you mean "it's a huge combo string going non-stop", then no it doesn't have that as in the combos stop eventually. Juuza even has a third attack button that can be used on enemies in the combo.

oh okay that's good.

I know as of I guess the last numbered game they changed it from something like "X X X Y" or "X Y" , all having different results to this string where you can just hit X indefinitely and add in Y attacks and it just to me lost all the strategy. Not sure if they stuck with it after that.

The new characters have that mixture definitely. As for the original characters, they do have that X X X Y or X Y combos but I think there's a strategy in choosing the right combo to stun some of the bigger enemies. Either way the quick look will be coming soon, but if it's any indication of when they did the Quick Look for the first game, I'm not sure if the GB crew would be excited for it.

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I haven't played Dynasty warriors but if by infinite you mean "it's a huge combo string going non-stop", then no it doesn't have that as in the combos stop eventually. Juuza even has a third attack button that can be used on enemies in the combo.

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As a huge Fist of the North Star fan, I'm getting it (well already played the Japanese version), and they've added a lot to this one than the last game like more characters and more of the manga is covered in this game. If you're into 3rd person brawlers who just love destroying waves of enemies, this game will be for you. It also has online co-op and versus mode (but need to check if you can beat up the other team as I think it might not be the case).

all look like huge manly badass 80's movie stars". I mean also, you get to play as an American fighter/boxer.

Ein, the American fighter
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@JZ said:

An endurance run of fist of the north star ken's rage 2

It's a shame that wasn't it but would've loved it if it was.

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Because Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 is coming out soon, and that this year is the 30th anniversary of Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star), I managed to get my hands on the Treasure Box that came out in Japan:

I was actually happy because I ordered this back in December and after a very long wait (about 3-4 weeks) I finally got it.

Here's what it contains:

Copy of the game

The cover has Kenshiro in the center, with Yuria, Toki and Raoh on the left, Bart and Lynn grown up on the right and at the top we see Kaioh. The back cover has Kenshiro, Shachi, Hyo, Juuza, Ein. Kaioh, Rei and Mamiya, showing 3 screenshots from the game. And also it has the 30th anniversary logo at the back of the box and it has a colored manual showing off how to play the game like what each part of the HUD does, what the buttons do etc. One thing I also noticed at the back of the manual was a 16 digit code, which is the online pass for multiplayer (Yes, they added online to the game).

Visual Story Book

The book contains the cutscenes from the game with descriptive text, and also some beautiful art that goes across two pages. The book is split up into three parts:

  • The Visual Story - Which is the main story from the game.
  • Column - Which gives a brief introduction to the Dream Mode that's in the game.
  • Archives - Gives details for each of the characters and the group they are from (Hokuto Shinken, Nanto Seiken etc).

(Also is it just me or is Kenshiro's hair white on the front cover?)

Calendar which can be also used as mini postcards

The calendar shows pictures that are from the book showing 2 months per picture, but the picture can also be taken out to be used as a postcard.

Kenshiro USB Stick (4GB)

This might be a gimmicky thing to throw into a collector's edition, but I personally like it and it can also be a figurine as it has some nice details on it (just make sure you can stand it upright).

Soundtrack of the game

The soundtrack is a sample of songs played from the game. I know that some of the songs from the first Ken's Rage game will be in this game too but there are also some new songs as well. It still has the heavy rock theme from the first game so expect more of it in this one too. And I say sample because there are only 9 tracks on the CD, and I know that there are more songs in the game (Probably best time to play it would be when opening the Treasure Box).

Character stickers

I love that they've got all the playable characters as stickers to use. They all have colored backgrounds showing the color they use for their aura as well as some Japanese text saying their respective quotes like Kenshiro's famous line: "You're already dead!" (Thanks to a friend who translated that). Now the big problem is where to use them?

Ken's Shura costume.

DLC Code to change Kenshiro into the manga outfit

There was also as a bonus code in the box to change Kenshiro's outfit from Koei's original cosutme, to the Shura costume as this was what he wore in the manga. And it works for both in-game and the cutscenes, which means that if you want to, you could play as Shura Kenshiro from the beginning of the game, and he would appear in all the cutscenes.

I'll eventually be doing a review of the game so expect that either next week or week after.

And here's a quick montage I made if you want some music to go with the slideshow:

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