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Meh... wonder if you can tether through your Droid.

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I don't know if I really even care about this. It was a fun FPS at the time, but the genre has evolved so much that Duke Nukem has a great chance of being another game in the value bin. I'm not sure what they're going to do to set it apart from the rest; it's certainly not going to be it's story.

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I should have mentioned the collector editions as well... I'm such a sucker for some of those. The next two conquests for me are Fallout: New Vegas & Gran Turismo... 110.00 of video game being purchased for 170.00 (minus a gift card I had). Needless to say, the article does point back that the longer the game the better the value.  God of War 3 didn't last that long and the replay value wasn't there. Give me MW2, Demon's Souls, or Red Dead and my value has been extended greatly. I've had days and days of playing time for each of those games.  

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@Gaff - that's what I was looking for. Thanks.  
@Video_Game_King - I think I'd play that game... Depression Tycoon! survive and build an empire.

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I'm with you on the price of the game, but development costs have got to be higher than they were at the time of Super Mario Bro's or Zelda. *shrug* It appears, to me, that they continue to stay steady with console prices to inflation, but that games can readily increase due to dev costs or profit. I'm too lazy and can't remember what the cost of a nintendo game was. 

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They start off by saying that games are more expensive(agree with that) and consoles are 300.00(which they hover around that). That got me wondering about what they've been through the last few generations on popular consoles at launch.  Here's my quick list: 
Nintendo - 199.99 
Super Nintendo - 199.99 
N64 - 199.99 
Gamecube - 199.99 
Wii - 249.99 
PS1 - 299.99 
PS2 - 299.99
PS3 - 499.99/599.99 (nice jump there) 
360 - 499.99 (had hdd) 
I would say it's been pretty gradual over time for consoles. Nintendo has been incredibly steady, but the Wii isn't necessarily a next gen console. With higher graphics power I would assume it to be closer to 350.00...  
Anywho, found this site:  which has inflation factored in and now it doesn't seem too steep. Nintendo and SNES in the 300.00 range.  
That does beg the next question: does a poor economic outlook affect video games and result in lower prices? At the moment, I'd say no. We've been financial decline(and at the best, stagnation) for a while now but the gaming business continues to bring more and more A-list games out. The systems manufacturers have been relatively steady with prices; going with a give more for the same price approach rather than give the same for less money. =) viva la v/g's!
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The closest I got to golf was SimGolf - that was a fun game... not 80's though.

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Alright, I did do a search for this first but perhaps the right keywords weren't used.  
With that said, what was your favourite game from the 80s? After listening to horrendous amounts of 80's music over the last few days I started thinking about what games I played while growing up. I remember getting that Nintendo and watching life change! You might think I'd say Mario Bro's but Zelda was such an amazing game! It was difficult at that age... .still difficult today in some respects. Had a story worth remembering in the early days of video gaming..... sure, Pitfall! was great, but what's my motive?  It even led to one of my favourite SNES games in A Link to the Past..... ;-) 

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Demon's Souls, but I've been playing Lost Odyssey on the box. 

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The Cure were my favourite band from the 80's - still are. They could get a little goofy but I feel that they definitely transcended the generation. Unfortunately, there new stuff hasn't been great. =*( 

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