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And my teens were spent listening to Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, and STP! I guess my sisters listened to O.M.D. enough to get me into this stuff... the cure, Limahl(it's horrendous), Big Country.... lol.
It's great questing music - you won't be pissed off when you can't find something when some effeminate man is yelling in your ear about Tesla Girls! 
now and then they'll watch tv... now and then they'll speak to me.... 
I'm old... =\

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I'm sure that I won't purchase first day on this one, but I'm excited about having it on the PS3. I've played through ME2 on the 360, traded it in for some dumb reason, and wish I still had it. I'll just wait for it to be released @ 40.00 for PS3

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Welcome aboard - I'm new myself so I won't razz you or anything. 

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I remember all the turmoil that happened from the Kane & Lynch review over at Gamespot, and creating an account here at GiantBomb after hearing of it's creation. After the first couple months of flipping around at different game sites, this one fell off my radar. I spent plenty of time at n4g. So lo and behold, someone decides to write about what caused all the hub-bub back then and GiantBomb's name popped up. I almost attribute my GB resurgence to finding a video game in the back of an old moving box. You've forgotten how fun the game was until you get a glimpse of it.  
So..... baby come back, you can blame it all on me.... 

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It'll be interesting to see how some of the aspects will change with the different world dynamic. I enjoyed the gritty steampunk feel of the Bioshock games. Now we're taking a good look at a floating city concept that really isn't breached that much in video games. Perhaps because they haven't been able to until now?  
There are just way too many games coming out..... =)

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