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I can't seem to find the 3DS game Frozen: Olaf's Quest in the GB wiki. Is it in the database? I don't want to make a duplicate. It's a pretty major Disney movie, so it's a little surprising no one made a page for the game.

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I remember Jeff once saying he wants company pages to show the history of the company with name changes, timelines and mergers. I think Snider responded by saying "We're just programmers Jeff, not magicians." And he's right, this is a very difficult thing to master. In fact I don't think any game wiki has figured it out. As others have said, it's very difficult to keep track of companies since they frequently merge, get acquired, change their name or dissolve. A lot of these companies exist in name only and some are legit studios. But it's difficult to find this information, as it's often not very public.

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Managed to get one, thankfully I was watching this thread.

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I don't see why not. It has games like Angry Birds and game shows games like You Don't Know Jack. I'm always in favor for adding more platforms. I think the GB database should be as complete as possible.

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There's a Lance Armstrong character page. But it says that in the cycling games his real name isn't used and they use the fictional name 'Lance Neilstrung". So I think there should be a character page for that fictional cyclist and not have Armstrong attached to these cycling games.

Also why is he listed as being a character in Oblivion and Assassins Creed? He's not in those games....right?

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@spwn said:

Was most likely "in development" just for Tim Langdell to show that his Edge studio was active

That's exactly right. In order for him to keep the "EDGE" trademark (so he could keep suing people), he needed to show that his studio was actually real. So on his website he claimed games like this were in development and "coming out soon". He went as far as getting "Racers" rated by the ESRB. But in reality there was no game at all, just a logo on his website. And his company is just himself with no employees. His actions were pretty ridiculous.


After doing some research, it turns out this game was released on the PC:

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