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Rallier had a good idea of searching Releases instead of aliases. This would solve ther problem.

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no site achievements :(

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I'm pretty sure this was discussed over a year ago, and the conclusion was that theses pages should remain separate.

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Yeah I'm trying to be more careful in not creating duplicates. The Nintendo press releases comes out monday morning and I use to just create the page immediately without checking the Japan or Europe names, if there was one.

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Do not let the Bshaf die! Your guaranteed at least 1 person will listen to it
Wasn't there a "lost" episode that was recorded last year? You should release that.

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Its a common phrase, its not stolen

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@Valames said:
" So tell us the story behind this. Why the wacky characters and how did you manage to sit in on a podcast? "
site achievements!
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@nail1080 said:
" For fucks sake people don't feed the '1 post troll' "
It is possible that this is someone who is scared to use his real account for fear of backlash.
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Recieving news coverage could also be one of the criteria for allowing browser games.

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@Ignor said:
" @TMThomsen:  Strange.... They seem to have appeared right after another.Did somebody talk about Cell Phone interfaces on a podcast or something? "
Yea in the MAG quick look