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All the games you posted pass the criteria and should stay.

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It's not allowed unless your uploading something like an old video game ad from a magazine. Scanning full magazines isn't allowed.

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" Harm's Way" should simply be "Harms Way", without an apostrophe
 done - mracoon

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I put down 281,250 xp on the Epic Mickey review, that's all my points. Hopefully this goes well...

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I remember this site. It was from that Bombcast question where your friend said you dropped out of high school to be a game journalist of something like that.

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@Nnooo said:
Who writes the desriptions for your games that go out in the press release?
Have you heard them being read by the Giant Bomb crew on the podcast?
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-Gamespot reviews mentioning the presence of NFL Europe teams in Madden 2002 and 2003 .
-Gamefaqs FAQ's mentioning NFL Europe teams in Madden 2001 and 2004
-Cheats mentioning NFL Europe teams in Madden 06
-Frankfurt Galaxy can be unlocked in Madden NFL 96
- Wikipedia says NFL Europe teams are in Madden 07 and in Madden 08
So it looks like its pretty much all of them past 2001 until NFL Europe shut down in 2007.

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 Best Game That is On Like Donkey Kong™
Best Game Where Stride Gum Sticks it to The Man

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You could add the team as a concept.