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Loved the first one on the PSP, its one of their best games.

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Here is why there hasn't been any new shirts for sale. It's really a shame. I finally have some money and also want to get a shirt or hoodie.
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Even if you may not like Gamefaqs, that doesn't mean their lying about copyright laws.
Anyways, in a very old Bomb Should Have a Face, Jeff agreed that you shouldn't upload manuals since it's illegal. I think that's the closest to the staff chiming in on this issue.

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It's not allowed, copyright violation
 " Game manuals are protected by copyright, and normally cannot be legally distributed online. The exception to this rule are translations of foreign-language (specifically Japanese) manuals for import gamers, which are very useful to the import gamer and have met with no known objections from copyright holders so far."

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So did the box itself say it was a 120 or was it just on the register? It could have been a mistake by the register/employee.

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I believe you need 5,000 points to do that.

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@MattyFTM said:
 There was a brief discussion having a separate platform for Game Room titles in this thread. I don't know whether it's something that is still on the cards or not though. "
Hopefully that does in end happening, as well as separating Indie games.
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Fast forward a year and a half and there is still no Michael Phelps game. And even if there was, it does not automatically mean he would be credited, he could just be licensed.
Hes not credited in any games.

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Its just an analyst's prediction that a new GTA will be announced, not a rumor.

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Quests involving 360 achievements in obscure/bad/weird games. Like maybe get an S rank in Hannah Montana or Jurassic The Hunted. Or an S rank in the German version of Scene It! On an Bombcast, Jeff mentioned there were like 5 different versions of a Scene It! game with 5 separate achievement sets. What about a quest for getting all of those.