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Instead of, it should be called

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@Shivoa: Thanks for info, I didn't consider the bandwidth limitations of HDMI. I didn't get the tv specifically for the refresh rate, it was just a good tv at a cheap ass price so once I do start urging for a true high refresh rate monitor I'll get a proper pc monitor.

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@Sooty: I don't really care about the 3D stuff. I'm more interested in my PC recognizing that it's a 240 hertz display instead of defaulting to 60.

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I have a question of my own about this thing. I picked this up ($130) to use as my monitor and I'm wondering if there are any makeshift drivers for it. My pc will only recognize it as some standard 60 hertz monitor when it obviously can do more than that.

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I downloaded it through origin and it's installed and everything the only problem is what I listed in the OP.

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I picked up the PC version on Amazon ($5) and I have it installed and all except I'm running into a problem with the activation.

Every time I launch it, it asks me to activate even though it said the activation was successful the first time.

Each time I go through this process it says it was successful but the game itself won't launch. I went into the game folder and launched the activation.exe or whatever and it says activation is OK so I don't know what the problem is.

I would appreciate any tips cuz I'm about to just download a crack for this game because it's not like I would miss out that much on the online side from a 2 year old game.

And if your suggestion is to contact EA support then I rather just get the crack cuz I've heard enough bad stories of customer support constantly beating around the bush and transferring you to other people who don't know what's going on. Thanks.

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@MariachiMacabre said:

@LimpBishop said:

The following build have made life in Hell pretty easy so far.

When gearing up I go by the following - and in this order of importance: Resistance to all Elements, Vitality and then Dexterity

Edit: I am lvl 54

I second this build.

I just now looked at this and yeah, my build is basically this now. It's pretty awesome so far.

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@xdaknightx69: I already tried reinstalling and I don't know what you mean by disabling CPU gpu.

@Infininja: Thanks, I'll use this in the meantime.

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@lobsterman: I tend to use mantra of healing as a crutch and like to just have it going on for a long time in the background and not have to think about recasting it too often.

My time in Hell has gotten better after changing my build closer to @MB: and now im farming the Butcher runs.

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