Not to incite a discussion about religion on the internet, but...

Is it a bad idea to join a cult?

I've been an atheist for a few years, which doesn't do a lot to help my intense fear of death and the unsettling feeling that I'll never be able to understand what my place in the universe is. So I've been thinking of adopting a philosophy to fall back on when I'm confronted with life's conundrums. Not something that I would seriously believe, because it's kind of hard to start seeing god in spaces that I've already filled in with science. But I'm intrigued by dogma and rituals. Some kind of structure that I can guide my life by.

The top two contenders so far are Scientology and Buddhism. I like the RPG aspect of Scientology. The idea of progressing through OT levels could give me a goal in life, though I probably wouldn't get very far if I don't take it seriously. Which I wouldn't. The sci fi bullshit is silly in a way I can get behind, but the organization's practice of censoring dissenting opinions seems kind of shitty.

Buddhism seems kind of cool, and there are even books about following the philosophy without taking the superfluous mythological bullshit literally. It would probably be better for me psychologically than Scientology but it doesn't have the novelty value of aliens, and it would probably require actual effort to grow spiritually, as opposed to trowing money at an e-meter until it says I'm a good person.