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I've been playing the guitar for about 8 years now without taking lessons, and it's very possible to do so, but if you do have the cash and time, i would suggest getting lessons.

If you're trying to learn by yourself, having a friend at the same level as you will help. When i first started, my friend would start doing riffs and every time i saw it i thought, "well if he's doing it, so can i!" You can find guitar tabs of songs you want to play and try to play them slowly (tabs are very easy to read). Also, i found Rocksmith as a pretty fun tool to learn songs and i can definitely see it being used to teach you proper techniques. Have fun!

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@sniper26: i'm biting on that price. Thanks buddy!

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@sniper26: Infamous is $40? Where?

On the topic at hand: Resogun is free, so get that too. Infamous is one of the games i'm currently trying to justify purchasing, even if i never liked any of the other Infamous games, i think it would be nice to have it as a showpiece. If you like sports games, i suggest MLB 14 The Show.

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I guess China dont care about my size, because it's sold out.

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This is the best thing ever. I am more excited for this than any of the DLC packs. Ryback? Who cares?!

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welp, there's a Breaking Brad on Friday at noon!! Brad will be continuing his journey through Doom II on Ultra Hard and i am damn excited. Too bad i'll be at work; y'all keep me posted. TEAM BRAD LIVES!!!

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I bet if Giant Bomb made a shirt, people would still buy it regardless of the momentum. My original intention for the thread was to show that there is interest for Giant Bomb to make one, my hope now is that they do make one from a design in this thread. I've been contemplating asking about the status of the shirt, but perhaps that's too much. It's still a pretty great internet moment. I can't believe Team Brad trended on Twitter in America.

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I never really cared for the Halo series story, but after reading this i am intrigued about Halo 4's story arc. I suppose that was the mission of this article, even so, it sounds more interesting than the weirdly religious past Halo games.

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@Maajin: dude, those are getting better and better!

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@Maajin: haha, didn't notice it at first, but yeah the collar as well!