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terrible title design

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the kickstarter page seemed to imply that ron gilbert would have a fundamental role in the creation of the game, but with this news, and the news that he's only been consulting on the game in the background, i feel kind of mislead. but maybe i just read the kickstarter wrong. anybody else feel similar?

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Isn't there any misrepresentation law in America? Because if it does, they should be sued. The way this is being pushed under the rug is disturbing, to say the least. They haven't rape someone, but Steam should learn something from the Catholic church and Penn State scandals.

lolwut? that seems like quite a stretch in logic. mind explaining it a bit more in-depth?

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The money should go to the people/workers who were screwed over first than the state , after all the heads up of 38 studios left them in avery dire economic cituation , the state wont starve but these people will :(

ironically enough, if they do starve, the state will assist them with food stamps.

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DayZ TNT. we rent a server password lock it have a gaint meet up, and take on the zombie hordes!

im not sure how that would work since all the servers are approved by rocket. someone would have to offer up their server to use, and if they were to invite the gb community instead of just the gb staffers, things could get very messy very quickly unless the server player cap was set real low. but it would be awesome if they could set it up

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I'm somewhat a part of the dev team (mapper) and if required, I could get the guys at Flying Squirrel to hold some special 'Quick Look Event'. I'm thinking a siege or something with 200 players, just to demonstrate the game fully. They'd love to get some more publicity for NW.

That'll be nice and this game really needs some more publicity. Like.. the PrinceOfMacedon guy (who got the game from a developer) I think boosted NW from the second page of the top sellers to the first page since... today I think when he made a video.

i was a little surprised when this came out as an expansion requiring warband, instead of a stand-alone like fire & sword was. I think not being stand-alone could significantly hinder public awareness.

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i didnt know i could get a refund for something i bought, consumed and did not enjoy.

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it's very easy to play without a shift key, as you mostly use the controller. nice way to up the grammar nazi ante though, i didnt know this was a college essay. could you not read what i said without capital letters?

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holy cow, I wasn't expecting much from a f2p microsoft flight sim game but man have I been blown away so far. the graphics are very slick, and the aircraft interiors look fantastic. it's very user friendly, especially for a flight sim. native controller support with simultaneous keyboard and mouse support for advanced commands. and the multiplayer oh man. lots of stuff to do, lots of people to chat with and i kind of got blown away when someone warned in chat that they saw a storm was coming in, and a few minutes later everybody was complaining about all the rain and windy conditions. oh and also, you can land the plane and run around on foot. i am thoroughly impressed.

what do the rest of you think?

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But those are just casual dressing to wear only on the ship, correct? Of course she wouldn't be wearing that in combat; neither would the male Shepard. What's wrong with it? The fact that she's a woman wearing a dress? Women don't wear dresses?

i think it's unequal because a dress is much classier than a leather jacket. logically if she's to wear a dress, he should get a nice lookin suit or something