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I will and I hope it is a lot like the Resident Evil Ramake. Where the game feels familiar, but new.

I hope the battle system is the same ATB turn based stuff but with improvements.

I hope that they keep all the weird goofy stuff in the game.

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Lamar won last year so I wouldn't really consider their tastes in this category that relevant. The reason they seemed to like him was from just one funny scene and that he was voiced by Freddy Prince Jr. Seems a little superficial.

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Honestly i was sort of let down when they said Metal Gear had shitty mechanics and that Anarchy Reigns was a bad game...

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I think I'm going to main Dark Pit. I loved him in Uprising. Of the other characters I've played I think I'll have Greninja, Lil Mac, Duck Hunt Dog, and Ness as secondaries. Pit has worked well with me as well.

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I think that people vastly underestimate the gameplay of the MGS series for a few reasons:

1. The cutscenes, they sort of break up the gameplay so you typically aren't playing for more than 20 minutes until you run into another story sequence.

2. The silenced tranq gun is overpowered, why would you use all the gadgets and weapons when you just use a headshot from the hushpuppy to instantly subdue every enemy. In MGS2 and 3 you can shoot out enemy radios, shoot there knees to slow there movement, shoot there arms to prevent them form firing guns, and hold guards up and use CQC to perform dozens of other actions. The games give too many supplies to the player so you really don't have to get that creative. You could capture a poisonous snake to throw at guards but that's impractical if you can just shoot a guy.

3. the games introduce mechanics never to use them ever again. In MGS 1 there is one area where your foot prints are detected in the snow, in 2 there are a few areas where steam pipes can KO enemies. There are a few times where guards will notice the water you left on the floor for being drenched in the rain.

I strongly recommend people to try out the VR missions in 1 and 2, they actually give you scenarios where the depth of these games shine. While the controls in the game are a little clunky, they do have uses and the games have an insane amount of detail in how the player can interact with the environment and enemies. MGS1 is the most archaic of these games, but I would not say it aged poorly, especially compared to other games released in 1998.

I also strongly recommend people to watch the superbunnyhop and matthewmatosis reviews for these games. They are incredibly insightful.

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I would really appreciate a code if someone had an extra. Please.

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Man, this last gen had some Lame/ unmemorable villains. The ones that came to mind as good were Sarren from ME1, Kill Bane from SR3, Black Barron from Madworld, Glados from Portal... really not much else comes to mind.

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Let's all just get really into Smash and Bayonetta 2. That's a good years worth of content there.

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Super Smash Bros Project M to Super Smash Bros Project M, played it for like 6 hours with some friends.

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@themasterds: I'm sure some people could argue that Infinite is disappointing and I could see where they are coming from, some parts of that game are just sloppy and don't live up to what was shown in trailers. Also "down to number 7" doesn't mean a whole lot when you consider that means out of the hundreds of games released this year, it would be the 7th best.