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Man, this last gen had some Lame/ unmemorable villains. The ones that came to mind as good were Sarren from ME1, Kill Bane from SR3, Black Barron from Madworld, Glados from Portal... really not much else comes to mind.

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Let's all just get really into Smash and Bayonetta 2. That's a good years worth of content there.

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Super Smash Bros Project M to Super Smash Bros Project M, played it for like 6 hours with some friends.

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@themasterds: I'm sure some people could argue that Infinite is disappointing and I could see where they are coming from, some parts of that game are just sloppy and don't live up to what was shown in trailers. Also "down to number 7" doesn't mean a whole lot when you consider that means out of the hundreds of games released this year, it would be the 7th best.

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This may be weird, but in terms of a game where choices matter I think of Papers, Please and Heavy Rain.

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I love Kirby but I feel like Mechanically they have never topped Super Star for the SNES? Granted, I haven't played a new Kirby game since Canvas Curse and it seems like every other Kirby game is a "nontradtional" Kirby game where you aren't absorbing powers.

Has a Kirby game had as much Depth as Super Star? Some of 64 was cool withe fusion of abilities, but I often find that his abilities will do like 1 thing now days or it's a game about whip attacks/ drawing lines/ mass of kirbys.

Mario I'd say is overall better, but I'd like to like Kirby more. It's just that Super Star was too good.

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shinji hate has always been bullshit imo.

try dealing with some of the psychologically and otherwise horrifying shit that shinji had to deal with and see how you would act.

also HE'S JUST A KID!!!

Yeah, I never understood the hate for Shinji, dude just has some mental issues, personally I find that kind of interesting.

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I think about him every now and then. I was driving home from work last night and thought about him hosting something and how he was such an energetic and fun guy to watch. Definitely have a "...maaan" moment every now and then. Watching the Friday Windjammer/ other games stream you see all the fan art of the crew, a lot of good ryan material.

Also I'm trying to finish the P4 ER and it is a bit jarring hearing him shout from the background.

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Turians are cool, but most interesting? Come on. They are the least interesting. I voted for salarians because they are the opposite of all the other races in many ways, where Asari and Krogans live very long lives, Salarians live like 40 year max, their metabolism is very fast, everything they do is fast, and they are responsible for one of the most interesting piece of lore, the genophage. Also Mordin is a Salarian, and he is the best Mass Effect character because he bears the genophage on his shoulders.

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As people have mentioned FF8 and TWEWY are about very laconic loners, the story revolves around how they need to trust other people to succeed, hell mechanically that is what TWEWY is about, Neku is bound to another person and you have to learn to use both characters effectively to win. Also pretty much every character you get in your party exists to be a foil to Squall. Though of course ultimately the message of those games is that you need other people in your life neither are really alone through their journey.

You'd be surprised, pretty much every game outside of team based RPGS and shooters is about someone all on their own Metroid, Zelda, Half Life, Resident Evil, Dead Space, pretty much all survival horror have characters alone, getting zero help from anyone for large portions of the game. Metroid didn't even have NPCS until Metroid Fusion, and he was a computer.