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@Lord_Yeti: Exactly, they weren't fleshed out, they are crappy characters nowhere near as good as the others. People still payed money for them despite the fact that they aren't as well developed, even though Zaheed could have been in the full game since he was ready  at launch. There were some files for those characters at the games release right? 
Shale clearly fit right into DAO but she was DLC as well, just more cared for.
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@Lord_Yeti: Or when it was actually in the game.
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@GravityProof: Darkspawns got Ellis!
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Whoa. The hair isn't braided or plastic looking anymore? Awesome and nice beards. This is how Mass Effect should tackle character creator. My custom guy needs to look as good as default and fit in with everyone else. I'm totally going to make Conan o'Brien now.  
Bethany looks really weird in the 2nd to last picture in the first row.

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@Brodehouse said:
   "Also at some point she should ask Varric what the numbers mean. "    
At some point Soap and Price should just invade Orzammar, then Vinny's idea for the next Call of Duty will come to fruition.
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@Buck_Sexington: I feel like having Hawke talk is ok. But i much rather be able to pick a race and have the old dialogue system. The wheel is too judgmental and seems so transparent which i feel makes people have choices that will always be top right because thats the good choice, and they did that in mass effect. Having Hawke talk is more cinematic, which is something DA kind of needs, but I don't care about it looking great if they will possibly neuter something i liked. Leleina's song had a speaking character and the old dialogue, why can't Bioware just use that? I feel like this wheel was less impactful because of the emotion icons, honestly the only one that they need is the sarcastic one.
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 @Buck_Sexington said:
" Shit, I must have played a different Dragon Age: Origins to some people on here. I don't remember this vibrant, colourful world they played in, I don't remember the amazing UI and menu they had and I don't remember the out of this world combat.  I remember the world being pretty brown and uninteresting, I remember the UI being a piece of crap that needed modding to be usable and I remember the combat being a tad slow and monotonous. But then again the main reason I've played 138 hours of Dragon Age is because I loved the story, the characters and RPG aspects of the game. Something that people seem to be forgetting is that none of the parts that made the first game great have been show.   All these people who are now cancelling their pre-orders because a camera angle and minor changes to the combat clearly didn't enjoy the first game at all because they could see past these minor changes/annoyances and want to play the game for it's main appeal. The story.  Then again what the fuck would you bitch and moan about then. DLC and pre-order bonuses probably. "
Can you say that from the demo the game is any less brown? The start is a giant brown field. At least DAO had some detail to some areas. But then again, i've seen very little of DA2's environments. combat is just as slow, there is now just more flash (not necisarily a good thing) and less shuffling (a good thing). The new dialogue system is probably my least favorite change they've made and that deals with how i'll play the story which i agree is the best part of dragon age.
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Varric's a surfacer right, he isn't he? He's got to look more respecible since he's merchant caste, he's going to be talking to people. 
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@JustTheDoctor: Yeah, they clearly aren't treated the same as the others, they seem like characters put in the last minute just for people to buy the game new and to not sell it back. Shale, and maybe Sebastion seem like completely relevant characters that have involvement in the story and are interactive but just not as much as say Alistair, Morrigan, or Varric. The just seem striped out due to overall relevance. 
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I love the dwarves. I'll miss Oghren, but Varric seems alright. I hate how he'll only carry that crossbow though. I'm all for dwarves being rogues, but it's strange. He's probably the character I'm most interested in seeing other than Anders.