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Super Mario Land 2,

Sonic Adventure 2

Every Mario Kart you go to Rainbow Road which is assume is in space,

Every Hideki Kamiya game after Devil May Cry has a final boss in space. There is a fucking alien ship in Okami, which the rest of the game takes place in ancient Japan. You knock hair god past every planet in our solar system and steer her into the sun.

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@tobbrobb said:

When IS Hitler's new album coming out?


Because my birthday is April 20th, i find this extremely funny.

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I thought it was a pretty interesting scenario, it showed that Trevor doesn't fuck around, and it also made me think about how often you gun down mooks in GTA and think nothing of it but all of a sudden its a character you got to know, someone you were invested in, and it becomes more meaningful.

I wondered what would happen if it was just some guy Trevor killed, because a whole lot is going on in that scene, and I think the whole order of "ok heres Trevor fucking, he see the news, stops fucking . OH SHIT it's Johnny, Trevor throws bottle and stomps Johnny's head in, DAMN Johnny is Dead, now I'm playing as Trevor" was a really chaotic way to introduce him. Taking away the excitement of seeing a familiar face probably kills a bit of that scene.

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@egg said:

I don't know why games have so many combos, it strikes me as a total design failure.

What gameplay ramification does each and every single combo present? Can you honestly be convinced they each have one? No they don't, they're just there for show I think, it's just the 3D animator masturbating.

Even non hack-and-slash games have combos. What does that tell you.

One could say the point of a lot of these games is to be SSSTYLISH. For example mixing up the combos in DMC3 allows for your Style meter to go up, which incentives you not to get hit as well as look cooler than just pressing triangle 3 times over and over. Ultimately things tie together so you get better at the game. And yes some combos are better for certain situations.

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Perhaps a stylized Brad on a dog or Luchadeer.

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@nottle said:

I like the red and black coloring, she was pretty much my favorite character in P4, I had a heart only of you Yuki-chan... damn useful too.

I like the way you think.

Some people preferred Chie or Rise, but they are crazy. She attacks with fans and has fire. What's not to like? The laugh?... So endearing.

Such a simple design, but for some reason it works well. Same thing with Mitsuru in P3.

Also both the Yasogami high school and Gekkoukan high school uniforms just look cool.

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MGS2 Snake is Perfection
I always liked how off Duster was, his limp which is consistent throughout the game, and his general lack of attractive qualities. Also looks good with a fro.
I like the red and black coloring, she was pretty much my favorite character in P4, I had a heart only of you Yuki-chan... damn useful too.

Again, the red and black looks cool. Also weilds a big ass sword with a hand in his sleeve.
Good ol' RE4 pretty boy swag Leon S. Kennedy. So stylish.

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I remember thinking the mech boss fights in Goemon's Great Adventure were pretty good.

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Kinda weird since you didnt personally know the guy.

I mean, you're talking to a girl, she's like "whats your tattoo say?" and you're lke "Ryan" and she's like "oh you're gay?" then you'll be like "no, its the name of a dude from a website i like who died". Then she'll walk away.

Good thing people don't read binary and you could probably just say it means "mom" or that it means nothing because it just looks like a bunch of lines...

Thinking of that, who is going to look at the 1's and 0's that resemble geometirc shapes more than numbers and think right away "that's binary."

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To actually make it feel like a remake or reimagining of the original. Twins Snakes was good but aside from the updated graphics and cutscenes, there wasn't nothing to much new about it. On top of that I really don't think its necessary to have yet another remake anyway. He should just focus on keeping the story moving forward at this point.

Don't forget that they added basically all of the mechanics from MGS2 in there. Ledge holding, first person aiming for all the weapons, rolling, body part sensitive damage to enemies, bodies remaining after death, being able to tranq enemies, moving bodies around. Also they made the card key backtrack at the end of the game much less tedious.