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So what do you think their first mistaken-for-a terrorist-threat incident is going to be? I bet this'll at least trip a number of data skimmers.

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It was a tiny thing, but I just wrote in with a question about something they'd mentioned on the site that I couldn't find and Ryan emailed me back right away. I was so used to sending emails into the void that I was shocked, and it made my day. It's what makes this site special and so much of it was his personal touch.

Does anyone know if he ever did sit there with the humming bird mask on?

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I just don't understand how people can react this way to complaints about how women are treated in this industry and in our culture. I'm a guy who's seen first-hand how the attitudes that things like this represent, legitimate, and reinforce, lead to actions and can destroy people, people I've cared about deeply. It seems like such a fundamental failure of empathy and humanity.

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@MSUSteve: Yeah, the ending was really disappointing, but more than that, what is there to do in that universe now? They basically just ended it all. You've got everyone integrated together, which might not even allow for individual characters, you've got god-shepherd, or you've got a destroyed galaxy, which I guess is the only one that could have some kind of a story. But then again they blew up the mass relays anyway.

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But where do you go with it? Am I alone in thinking that, because of whatever the heck happened in that ME3 ending, it'll have to be set prior to that? Unless we're talking Citadel Noir like Tourgen said, I can't see how that could be anything but incredibly anticlimactic.

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I was let down by the story too, since didn't one of the trailers show an X-COM officer on an alien surgery table? I really expected them to launch some sort of counter-assault against me. That they pretty much just ignore everything I'm doing and continue on with their Cylonesque non-plan was pretty weird. Was the point of them wanting to use humanity then that I was doing everything they wanted me to do? Like they did some experiments, but it was really about giving us the push to advance to usable level? If that's the case, then why wasn't there a together we can rule the galaxy moment?

The game was amazing, but that and the ridiculously small number of maps were what bothered me. I'm not sure how people can play this more than once or for so long without getting kind of bored. Also, I wanted to see old enemies like sectoids pop up a little more later on, maybe in better armor or something... Still, this might be my favorite game, along with Walking Dead.

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Yeah DA2 had repetitive environments but I never got the hatred for it. It was a very different type of story and they billed it as such from the beginning. Going in not expecting to be traipsing around the world map I had a really good time and enjoyed the characters and felt a connection to Hawke's family and some of the companions.

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Those numbers sound good for TOR, but if that were the case wouldnt' they be more upbeat?

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The original Aliens vs. Predator as a kid. It wasn't scary, but the tension of inching through the dark trying to decide whether to run for it or try to clean out some of the randomly placed aliens that could come at you from anywhere. For a long time when I'd wake up and go get a glass of water, my first instinct was to check the ceiling.

When I was even younger I got a copy of the original Quake bundled with the joystick I got for Tie Fighter. After I'd been indoctrinated at a religious daycare I found it really hard to break away, even though I didn't quite believe, largely because of their certainty about all those horrifying things. The moment I realized the similarity between the monsters that creeped me out and some of the stuff in the Book of Revelations was a true revelation for me and I will forever be in debt to John Carmack and the fellows at id for helping me take back my life.

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@smikey said:

Actually why don't you just put up videos of you playing STO? Let people see what the recent changes in the game are actually like.

Definitely. Seems like this has been a rough summer for STO because of corporate shenanigans which their pr hasn't kept up with, but at the same time they've added a lot of features and it seems like there's a lot more on the way, some of it soon. The duty officer system should add a lot more non-combat gameplay. They should maybe have Brad go back when that launches. Their criticisms were valid at the time, but it's changed so much that continuing to treat it like a running joke isn't really fair.

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