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It was the first town I ever attempted to lay waste to. I was abruptly put in my place by the essential NPCs. *sigh*

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I thought the X-Files did well with their choice of filming location for the first 4-5 seasons. The Canadian countryside definitely added a fitting atmosphere to the series.

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Titans were awesome. You could sit back, have a beer and chill in the Titan... and still be useful to the team! That's how I like my Battlefield. =D

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I pre-ordered the Collector's Edition of Warhammer Online back in 2008. The first and last game I ever pre-ordered.

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I picked it up as well. But it looks as though they're having a few problems with the game at the moment - a lot of empty servers.

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I can't stand this sort of topical BS journalism that derives its content from social media. Kind of glad I didn't renew my premium membership.

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That pizza reminds me of something from Man vs Food. It probably has enough calories to start its own space exploration program as well.

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Anyone know if this is archived somewhere or will be uploaded to the site later on? I missed out.

Edit: NM found it on JustinTV. Sweet!

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OMG I might actually have to go to the shop and buy a hard copy of the game for the same price or less!  It'll be a daunting and arduous journey, but I think I'll make in the end. Wish me luck .

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As previously mentioned, Warhammer Online CE. Spent ages, at the last minute; trying to find a collector's edition. It definitely didn't live up to my expectations. Might give it another go one of these days just to see if anything has changed.

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