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It could be that their heading this direction, considering this time it's direction is pointed toward other countries beside America. I'm interested in seeing if they will make Makarov continue to blame certain attacks on the USA to gain an advantage, similar to what he did in Modern Warfare 2. Hopefully they actually took time to craft the story this time, unlike the mess they introduced in the second title.

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I'm very interested in the single-player aspect of this game (albeit, less paced than the second, and a lot better story telling like the first), however, I will just have to wait and see how the multi-player ends up. Hopefully it's a lot better than Modern Warfare 2, but it still incorporates better liked idea's that were introduced with Black Ops. I'm also interested in seeing how they're going to go around making the new 'Spec-Ops' mode, and the new introduced 'Survival' mode (going from the leaked information).