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It would be nice if for once this shit did not devolve into relentless semantics about personal superiority complexes, but I guess that is unlikely with the amount of venom people have about how other people, who are totally unrelated and different from one another, enjoy their media entertainment.

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Am I the only one who thinks that there isn't enough room in the videogame industry for two separate development teams to have the word "Ninja" in them? I say, Team Ninja and Ninja Theory either fight to decide which team is a true Ninja, or they merge. Too many Ninjas.

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My beef with it is that I don't like the idea of providing a prologue and an epilogue to a game via DLC. Just seems like it should be part of the entire game. This totally kills any incentive to buy this on PS3 or PC because you're missing the setup and the conclusion of a game. That said, I will wait until the inevitable "Complete Edition" which includes everything.
What if the Mafia 2 WWII level was sold as DLC before the game shipped, and then the final mission was withheld leaving the story on a cliffhanger, to be sold as DLC later? Cause that's kind of what it sounds like to me.

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I will not even consider buying Kinect as long as the mainstay is throw away shovelware crap. The only "real" games at the entire press conference were MGS, CoD, Reach, and Gears. The launch lineup of Kinect is precisely what makes the Wii so terrible.

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@TadThuggish: You said what I was thinking -- right on!
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@LordXavierBritish:  They don't lose any money on used game sales, its just that they don't MAKE any money on used game sales. So they see an opportunity to cash in, which is exactly what they are doing.
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I already pay for Xbox Live, I don't want to pay again to be able to use Live with any one specific game if I buy that game used. That said, I don't think yearly iterations of EA Sports games are worth full retail price, so I will continue to buy them used/discounted and I will just neglect the online portion of it.

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Thing is, you will probably end up playing it for like 6 months, and you just threw down 300 on it. Now you might play it out of guilt past what you would play with a monthly subscription simply because of how much you dropped on it. Either way, good luck. I hope it ends up being worth it for you in the end.