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The previous two episodes I tried to play Bigby as a man who was redeeming himself for his past, this episode everything just went off the rails. I was sick of Greenleaf's shit, after trying to give her a way out, I followed Snow's orders and burnt down that tree. That's gonna piss off some of the poorer Fables, I immediately felt like a jerk.

I also wish I hadn't killed Dum right in front of Snow, but those motherfuckers have been a thorn in my side constantly and put about 10 shots into me a piece. Self defense.

I'm absolutely loving this game, can't wait for episode 4.

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As a kid I fucking loved The Ultimate Warrior, remember those wrestling buddies? I had The Warrior one, I press slammed then elbow dropped the shit out of that thing as a kid. My little childhood finish was literally just Warrior/Macho Man rip off.

While I may not have cared for some of the man's personal politics, this really is a massive blow. The only solace I can take from this is the dude got to come out to his entrance and shake those ropes one last time. He got to walk in to the HOF and say his piece.

My condolences go out to his family. I just feel terrible for those two little girls.

RIP you crazy motherfucker, as you said The Warrior lives on inside of all your fans.

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Do you need to do all 4 boss fights with Lucatiel to get the trophy or can you just do 3 like I've seen suggested?

Edit: I can confirm that you only need to do 3, I beat Flexile Sentry, Sinner, and Rotten with her and got the trophy in Aldia's Keep.

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@fredchuckdave: Man you're incredibly lucky because this area has kinda been giving me the business, hardest part in the game for me so far. I'd say it's worse than the Great Hollow by quite a lot for me personally, I agree that it's not Blighttown or Valley of Defilement level.

If I had found that first bonfire right away I doubt it would have given me as much trouble as I would've been on the right path from the get go. Instead I kept respawning near the Rat King and had to do a bunch of long falls to get there.

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This place is absolute hell if you get lost so I'm going to try and help some of you dudes outs. Very minor spoilers about the area follow, more tips than anything.

When you first get to the area and roll onto the wood platform, run to the right avoiding holes, you'll see an item in to your left. Roll onto that platform and turn around, there's a bonfire in that direction. Don't fall off like I did, you'll want to die.

If you haven't been using torches up until this point. Use them. Seriously. Light everything up that you possibly can.

If you make it to a fog door that has a big ant looking thing in it, do a 180 and go into that building behind you, make your way to the back of the room, there's a bonfire behind a destructable wall.

I hope this at least helps one person out because fuck The Gutter.

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Soldier's Rest - any ideas?

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I'm pretty terrible and haven't done a daily yet but I'm up for some competition.

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@blabbermouth64: Flappy Bird is infinitely harder than Dark Souls. Fuck Flappy Bird.

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Yeah I'm probably going to skip this. Knowing MGS it's not even 2 hours of gameplay it's probably like an hour of cutscenes and an hour of gameplay.


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Thanks duders, I'll give P3 a shot. I know the style of game from the ER so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it.