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I basically have to, I've platinumed all the Souls games, I'd feel like all the grinding in DeS would've been for nothing if I don't.

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Why you gotta shit on bros and frat-dudes?

All the bros and frat dudes I know are extremely inclusive and welcoming. Maybe don't stereotype a whole subsection of people based on popular media or your personal experiences alone.

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@duskvamp: I went through the same hassles when I moved over here, the immigration officer that told you your Alien number is basically your SSN is wrong, definitely go get a proper one from Social Security. Also if you keep running into issues with a lack of ID, look into getting a library card, a lot of places count that as a form of ID and it can help you get your State ID and all that fun stuff.

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Honestly, I loved Hearthstone when I started playing it. But now that I look back on it, I think I was more in love with getting new cards.

The nature of the game is so luck/RNG based, and I know luck is something somewhat inherent to card games but I think it might just not be for me. I, like yourself, don't get that "fuck yes!" feeling when I win. It's more "Okay then." When I lose I tend to be a bit grumbly about how Ragnaros hit the perfect targets each time or some other luck based feature.

I think it might be a fun game to play with friends, screwing around, and pitting dumb decks against each other. But on any kind of competitive or even casual level - it's just not for me unfortunately.

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I said yes just because I'd love to go back to COD 4.

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Best wishes to Patrick, hope he does well for himself. It's a shame I won't be following him over there and... I'll leave it at that really. Nothing but negative things to say about Kotaku and Gawker in general so I'll just keep them to myself

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Can we talk about how Johnny V actually kinda got flow? What the fuck...

This is the best shit.

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@katimanic: Yeah, this thing is super addicting and I'm slowly getting the hang of it. There's a few card games like this, lot of fun! I added you back so hopefully we can jump in a game.

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I really have no idea what I'm doing but I'm NovaDTH on there, I'm down to play

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I'm not very good at HS but I'd totally be down for participating in a hit it and quit it style tournament