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I will be the annoying paying member and say, if people are getting so pissed off about the lack of p's in their video they clearly care about GB, which is nice. On the other hand, maybe they could use some of that care to understand that whole Whiskey Media is in fact running a business and not a giveaway, plain and simple.

Yeah, and let's see how well that works out for them, then.

that doesn't make sense.

Neither does their business plan.

The videos have always been 320p. I dont see why you have a problem with it now, at this point in time.

It might have been somewhat understandible when they were paying for the hosting. Now it's all on Youtube and putting up atleast 480p video would take literally zero extra effort and cost nothing.

We're living in the year 2011 where people are putting up full HD video of their god damn cats on their cellphones. Get with the fucking times.

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If you think that the biggest value proposition of paying for a membership is getting more p's in your video, there has to be something wrong with the content being put out in itself.

The way you get people to subscibe is pumping out more high quality premium content. Shoving shit quality video down peoples' throats to force them to put money down will just bite Whiskey in the ass in the long run. New people are less likely to stick around if all of your content looks like it came straight out of 2005 when competing sites give an option to watch in HD without even having to log in. Couple that with the fact that cost of bandwidth is now completely out of the equation, I'm finding that I'm visiting Whiskey sites less and less just because the video looks fucking atrocious on a high resolution panel. I don't really feel there's enough premium content out on the sites for me to sign up right now and I sure as hell wont pay just to get higher resolution quicklooks. If you really need to milk cash out of every visitor, slap more annoying shit like the MEEBO bar on the site, just don't nickle & dime me for bullshit like higher res video.

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I guess this means I wont be getting BF3 then. I'm not a Valve apologist or anything, I just find having to spread my games library across multiple services incredibly annoying.