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Musings and Aftermath of the PSN Crisis

Every part pf the PSN is now up. But not without some pain and reflection on what happened.  
The Internet has made stars and superstars* but never for the last several weeks has the Internet's lovable losers; The  Otaku's - the Anon and there splinter groups; Lulzsec has made the internet stand on ear. 
What the PSN Crisis exposed was the newer danger and brand new battlefield of database and acquisition control they and the US and western governments now are in. 
What was pretty much started over Linux removal turned into a international incident of dire consequences for everyone on the net. 
But this isn't about politics. This is about the PSN. 
As pretty as Grace Chen is, she has got to go. Period. The PSN in the US cant work on her clock. She maybe a loyal solider to the company but we have VITA coming up and her time isn't good enough. Despite my huge, (lets just say Humungous) misgivings about the VITA (lack of Discs, no UMD support) the system is going to be WILDLY successful and will help the PS3 compete with the XBOX 360 on the things that it lacked. She cannot help the situation if everything is on her clock. This VITA project needs a whole group of people to maintain the larger network.  
And lets get some things clear. The PSN might be better now - but once again i fear once sony makes another announcement about more "take away's" that network gonna get knocked down faster. The issue is that Sony has started to get its FEET wet concerning the Internet. They make great computers (im using there 3D computer and dont ask how i got it its to do more than just play starcraft which it does as best it can) Good cameras - half of hollywoods production tools (thats right - HALF) and oh yes - they still make all there money on power cords.  
But even the government cant stop Lulzsec or other such because it goes deeper than just a hack. These hackers are kids (pretty much) who see the world breaking down - who have given up on their family's life style and who seek the fame and fortune of the oligarchs of old. They protect the lolicon- and protect 4chan and Crunchyroll because they are their followers. They have become the new gods to those that have lost all hope of a God that will save them.  
They believe just like there lives are as "free" as possible - all of another's hard work should be free as well. 
The same thing is happening in america.  
We know what they should be called is the Free Fuck Army.  And in all sense of the world - the 3rd world in particular - thats all they have ever been good at.  
But there has been a better way of doing these things. Of getting what people wanted. The problem was they had all of their truth tellers and sayers - there shamanistc cultures ripped from them. 
With the exception of Japan. Thats why their work are being taken apart - because there one of the last cultures to have those people left. And there is nothing the west nor the east can do to say that they are higher up or "snooty" They have every right to be.  
So this attack on Sony goes deeper than just the lulz or what have you. I have to remind you on why Sony was Japans savior. A simple radio. Thats what it was, Japans recovery after WWII was based on a Simple Radio. It turned into an empire that build things. I mean actual transistors. Computers.  
What has the anon done but complain and steal and pretty much made a company from stealing called Crunchyroll? If the anon are the Internets saviors then I want no part of the net when Obama uses the kill-switch because of them.  
I dont think Egypt will be successful - but at least they tried using the weak social media tools to create some sort of alleviation of the issues that has gone down for the last several decades.  
All the anon ever wanted was to get the same cash the russian oligarchs had. and the fame and the women. 
All they got - is no where.  
And as for Sony. Even after all that - they still try and give back to those that may have never deserved it. They have been the faslitators of a truth long denied. I can understand if you dont give out your CC info to them or anyone on the net... but at least give them and Japan some respect for once. 
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Episode 17.5


Note- This is the short version of the post.

April 17 2011:

·          PSN Hacked Into, information stolen.

·          Types of information – Addy, Name, Zip code CC not certain

·          IT People state this was a vengeance attacked – GeoHot Affiliated but these anon take no responsibility.

April 19 2011:

·          PSN Shutdown to protect from any other intrusions.

·          Shutdown effects 75 million (35 to 40 main with possible double accounts)

Concerning Hackers/Crackers:

·          What they did to the PSN Network was pure evil.

·          That several members of Neogaf, Gamefaqs, and Giant Bomb supported them in some form and fashion is a form of madness.

·          Similar to what Crucnhroll did with the rest of the American anime dubbing business.

The Playstation Brand:

·          Sony PR isn’t well equipped to handle disasters like these.

·          Major crisis of confidence for the playstation brand for years to come.

Anon/GeoHot and the “PS3 Hack”

·          Sony’s main reason for going after Geohot was for the protection of their first party games and the protection of the customers.

·          The DDoS attack which lead into the hack might have come from the hardware crack which Sony was weak in making sure it was clear and away secure before the hack

The Fanbases disappointment:

·          Sony was to detached for people feelings about these issues.

·          Gaming websites question the future of the Playstation Brand.

·          Microsoft wise not to rub salt on wound realizing retaliation is a mother-

·          The anger created certain funny and unfunny memes. Some say it’s the end of the relationship with Sony and them period, others say this shakes their confidence.

·          As there is much blame to be placed on Sony it has been misplaced.

·          Hackers are treated with kid gloves. 4Chan and the darkness, the multiple boorus, Crunchyroll’s promises of sexual blushing.

Power Fantasies:

·          Unlike the some of the ideas that hackers live by, these actions have real and devastating consequences.

·          The FBI hasn’t done its job concerning financial malfeasance – but they will find these hackers.

·          The only future that is in store for them is a cell with bubba.

Steps for PSN to become better:

·          Voice Chat day one (May 31)

·          PSN Card as the main way to buy or purchase stuff from the store.

·          Free Access for the other store fronts for a month (starting May 31)

Final Thoughts:

·          Memories of Xenogears, Chrono Cross and MGS on the Playstation but sadly this issue with the PSN hurts.

·          The case for “freedom” the hackers/anon represent is spurious at best, insane at worse.

·          The Anon’s case against hypocrisy when it comes to internet freedoms is hurt because of this hack.

·          Future of the internet will no longer be controlled by them or the Anon’s of the world.

·          The media was never social nor based on networking. Media needs tools to work.

·          Took the name Novidanon cause despite what others thought of them were above board.

·          Proven wrong twice dealing with Jessi Savage and the PSN hack.

·          Chosen the losers but needed to stand out from rest of the pack.

·          Doubt that I will stay with video games after this gen ends (2 years left it seems)

·          If the internet becomes more like the WWE – you know who the blame.

·          The web has become a den of vipers and predators. Even the mobile web has issues. It’s setting up for another dotcom crash that will make the first one look like child’s play.

·          If the anon’s were worth their salt – then create their own network and leave the networks behind. They didn’t do it and they will get what is coming to them to our detriment.

Update: Sony apologized to the users of the PSN who service has been down since April 19. They promised service in a week.

Update: Sony also announced a date for the FULL PSN Service to be up – May 31. Other services will also be up starting from May 9 onward as Sony and its hired security agency finishes security testing.

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Fucked Up. 

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Yall miss me? Life is killing me. I got job(s) - brand spanking new thingy called responsibilities and such. 
I was going to start up a site and I will get to that - but this topic isnt good news fro the Playstation Faithful.  Trust me when I say this. You DONT KNOW HOW GOOD YOU YOU HAVE IT WITH  THE PSP. Seriously. 
I bought the 1000 version back in 2005/6 And i loved every min of it. It was stolen sadly, but i went to get a 2000 version of  the PSP - which i still use.  
Trust me, I know whats the shit out there. (I mean good shit not bullshit) and the PSP - if you look at the games they have made from Sony on down, were something unique than anything else out there. Patapon is one of the greatest franchises ever made seriously. The fact that Sony US fucked it chances with Patapon 2 was i felt a determent to the PSP success.  
But im not crying over mistakes over at Corporate. They have enough great franchises.  
But what I am unhappy about is the new NGP. The Playstation Portable (cubed) 
Its a great design marred by mistakes, after mistakes, after errors and Me-TOOism.  
Android is the little programing language that could. However that doesn't help a damn thing - the Playstation NGP is not the PSP, and will never reach its honorable niche. Not westerned-fid, not too eastern bread, just the right amount. 
The first part i want to talk about is the UMD   First off, the lack of UMD – in order to go “backwards” is the first huge WARNING sign something else is up. Trust me when I say this. NOBODY hated the UMD. The ONLY REASON why UMD never caught on is the reason every body is with Blu-Ray now – Sony cannot control the disk process – other companies must join in and do their own disc pressing process. But Sony felt that the PSP would be more secure if they control the Disc Process. Turns out it wasn’t true.-  they could rip out the ISO with a few clicks of a mouse. 
Second:   And with any revamp (the UMD was a revamped Mini-Disc and had way better read times) there would be problems. The UMD despite its flaws, was the most advanced Tech of its time and with a few mods would have been a good complement to the Blu-Ray – a better version of the Digital Disc ideas now used by Disney and other companies.-  
The fact they went to a system that is at best 25 years old - instead of going download only or disc based makes the PSP MORE advanced, not less - More ADVANCED than the NGP, regardless of design or touchscreen. 
The next issue at hand, is the interface    Its ugly as sin. The XMB works (mostly) for the PS3 and the Original PSP. This apple based mixture is weak and has no – character.  
So -   i could almost deal with a download only PSP (PSPgo) – i could deal with android – i can even deal with all this three g bullshit (where everybody is going towards 4g and 3G-gaming cant and never mix) but this system has no chance of success because while it might add touch screens, and a second nub – it went backwards on the very things that made it “different” from Ninty’s DS and 3DS. – Its interface (the XMB can handle apps duh) and its disc based system (going back to 25 year old tech just dont cut it) and im not even sure it will allow Memory Card Duo’s anymore since there’s only a space of some sort of a SD card (which fail…hard – and i use it on my cell and three out of 5 times it has a memory error.) 
As much as people and certain companies love the NGP - there is one major company not too pleased. 
Electronic Arts. And for the first time since 2005 - I agree. Wholeheartedly. This is trying to become the all everything machine. in 2004 - they had a legit case. Come Christmas 2011 - its all noise. 
And that's a very sad statement to make - because i want to love the NGP. WANT TO. 
But i cant do it. Not when there are so many problems, so many issues. I really doubt i buy one- and even if the COD brothers love the machine - it will still fail in the west because the PSP has been given a bad rap, some of it for no good reason. 
So Ninty wins again in the place they have always done well, handhelds.  
Which means im might be done with handhelds again (the PSP kept me in) and it will be a LONG time before i get back to it. 
And thats the saddest truth of the whole matter. 
Sony does so much but cant pull the right trigger for massive success and profit. 
Such a shame.

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just when you thought it was all over. This dude. THIS DUDE...  
USA plays unselfishly. The True Meaning of Clean Eyes, Full Hearts, Cant lose.  
And it makes this old stone heart soul yearn for dreams again.

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Its been a DAMN Long time since my last post - and since Sony is sending their sackboys to fix up the network for E3 and new firmware updates - I thought it best to take a bit of my time and tell you whats been going on: 
First of - I never bought any version of street fighter for a console. The ones i do have for SF is Upper 3 (named Alpha 3 in the US) for the GBA and PSP which i still have the latter.  
First small thoughts on Super Street Fighter 4: Great game - However, a lot needs patching. Since they cant fix the one frame delay on PS3 (which is almost inexplicable to explain) they must bring easy links back. Some of the inputs show up wrong so thats needs to be patched. Please - Please - Please Oro dont put R-Mika in and make her a deity tier. That would break the game SOO BAD.  
Speaking of Oro, did anybody see the X-Box 360 Maximum Risky Theme (to coin a phrase from Kotaku) with the females? Yeah, Capcom don't have the talent to draw like that and UDON wishes they could do it but they cant - so im thinking Oro knows some of these Dojin boys and the money went under the table and the rest is history... 
But why do they had to make Makoto look like a bumbling "moe" idiot? (just a side note - when everybody and there momma is against a bad law, just give up - please? I mean Japan cant find no leader (Kan will be gone or share power with the LPJ by the time the Upper House ends their session), the US is still in Okinawa even after somebody was willing to take our troops away from the prefecture at the least and the Tokyo Metro Government is getting bitch-slapped over this "protection" law not only the media, but anime as well - so just...give up)  
Yeah- back to the females, its Ironic the Cammy - the one Oro hates - and Makoto the one that Oro defanged, are the only two females that one a tourney so far. My fear if there is DLC, we will have Mika and she will be come like Rufus is and CHEAP. I only use Makoto as my female because Chun is a half charge and has gotten older (and Im not good on charge folks) Cammy kinda lost her links and her AA is ok but not as a good replacement - Viper got a kid, Ibuki too perky, Rose is Rose - Juri is too much of a slut - not Bayonetta slutty where sex is her power, Juri is too teasey - and her moves and zone game doesnt give her a chance to go deep into matches. Sakura is Sakura and there is no Karin so i cant really use Sakura without Karin - there two sides of a coin. So that leaves Makoto. Pefect for me... but I havent won as much as I wish to because i cant use her axe kick to open up anything (pressing up, QCB - knee = -_-;;;;)
Oh and is it me? Or whats with the ENGLISH voices using Ora, Ora, Ora? Did they come from the Tekken school of Voice Acting? They could have used another word. 
Juri - would have been Onnichanbara style wise if she wasnt made Korean.   Still though the game is great. 
Speaking about Korea, what the hell is wrong with Starcraft over there? First off, it gets a AO rating over there. Second, all these scandals appear. Now some not even sure of Starcraft 2 will do well over there. They really do need to fix some problems there, because these folks have waited a long time for this game to come out. 
As for Yakuza 4? This time it was Sony that Told them to do it and Sega just said - we sold this and this much and now we get 4 ready for 2011! (which isnt true, because it would have ranked in the top 20 if it was true - Demon Souls is about to get to 350,000 copies and Yakuza 3 will only reach 1/10 of those sales. So this was pretty much Sony's pushing and prodding Sega into this direction. Its very possible that Sony might be in the translation of the game this time around because to be honest - I DIDNT believe that Sega would bring 4 over here.  
So next on my list of games is Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. I finished MGS4 sometime ago and i plan to do a long review later this year. As for Peace Walker - it looks great but im thinking this is only Kojima's showing us how everything had to end up the way it did. 
So folks, until next time.

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a very sad day.

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Makoto cant be in her 3DS version because she didnt have the skills then, but i figured out that she can slap away Ibuki's knifes away she might be able to do it with fire balls and that could be something people could use.

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Hes a hero to me where we have mostly zeros in the industry right now...

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Oh sorry about that...