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Ok, yea - even though this is the Playstation Zeitgeist, some times i talk about life a bit and what not - Imo not chasing females (they chase me, but i have to calm them down a bit - yes, its like the manga My Balls (and I heard its funny), only with a equal amount of traps - but i never would have relations with the traps... 
Ok, here is what is on my mind - Yakuza 3 is out and unless stated otherwise, god only knows I want to buy it but my principles are my principles, dont cut content unless you lower the price - period.  
Is it me, or did SquareEnix sponsored the whole new monday night wars? FFXII was the big star. But expect some upsets come April when the NPD's comes out. But if your really looking for a game to buy - go get God of War III. Took half the time of FFXII and looks 3 times as nice. Something the Japanese developers haven't gotten the hang of yet. 
As for Tim Rogers comments about Japan, i got to be fair - he's mostly correct - but i feel that his comments are more against the US than Japan - why? Its simple. 
Tim Rogers wants to be free to be who he wants to be - and as so long as America continues to keep playing its "jock/geek/prep/goth games beyond its intended end date - High School, then Tim Rogers can have his opinions about Japan, but IMO - their misguided. 
This is the problem I have with many folks dealing with Japan (or most other countries for that matter) - they have the notion whatever the western media promotes as "the Japanese" is the truth. But didnt even the TMNT (the new series - during the start of the Demon Shredder Season) stated that Perception is never reality? 
See, the reality is that Japan sees a cycle (just like China does) but the thing is - they forgot about the cycle. They know about it in the back of their back of their mind - however they go about there business not knowing why the cycle exist or why everything there business want to promote dont stick. 
Have you heard of the concept, Ee Ja Nai Ka? According to Wikipedia - it was a complex religious celebration - almost decesending into utter madness. This happened towards the end of the last shogunate.   
One of the things im beginning to see - this moe/loli thing - is really three things: One, on its underlying basis - its like the Ee Ja Nai Ka - made modernized. Second, its to put the US Dubbers out of business. If you really think about it - the reason why they have made all the moe/loli series in the last few years wasn't really because of some otaku who just got lucky in love. First reason was because the US Dubbers had screwed with the Japanese companies one too many times. Time to screw them back, where it hurts. The major reason i felt this is going down - its a backlash against feminism and the Old Guard. The reason why the Old Guard was because of what happened in the economic issues Japan had for nearly 20 years (and still hasn't been fixed and will get worse). Second part was feminism. Its that after those issues came down, women had to work too. What happened that potential mates for these Otaku (holding the industry money wise in place) were taken away - by the same "Old Guard" 
who now after pressure by other western states and other recent events - is mulling a mosaic for these moe/loil stars.  
I stated on another blog on the Whiskey Network somewhere - that if they pull that off, along with some death's in the industry - then what we called "anime" might become nonviable, and in turn - will hurt the american industry (outside of Pixar and the like since they focus on films which projects take 4 to 6 years to complete). 
Even though i hate, really hate the loli/moe thing - my point has been and always will be the act is the crime and holding real photos live action tapes of said acts are crimes. Thats it. No beating around the bush.   
So what Tim Sees, is this Ee Ja Nai Ka, but it shows in different ways in different demographics.  
But my advice to Tim, really and truly - is to discover his past. He keeps moving around trying to find a place he belongs - and then he complains about how different things are and what not. But if he really looks his family's history - and understand where he came from then he would see the world in a different light and wouldn't just be so angry about where he lives and so on.  
In fact, a lot of folk have been denied that history of their own families life's, no matter what color they are. I think what the media has done sadly is promote one part of the family - then destroys it at the same end to the detriment of its own media, its artists; producers and the audience there trying to promote to. See, society has made agreements on what should be allowed, what's in the gray area and what isn't allowed. Sadly, because the fight over religion, on who can marry or not marry, on our economic problems - it has broken the wound that should have been healed. But im a critic on society - and i feel that this "deconstruction" going down in the final analysis, good for humanity... My worry is we gonna fuck it up and turn into automatons but thats what you get when you try to medicate shit not needed to be medicated. (did i tell you that i respect CM Punk but really dont get the Straight Edge Movement?) 
Ok guys, i need a good game to replace Yakuza 3 - there are three games on the list - yall choose the one i should get: 
Resonance of Fate: 
MLB 10: The Show: 
Heavy Rain: 
Wait it out Until Fist of the North Star (note I will get Super Street Fighter 4 regardless) 
Your own personal Choice: 
Want to hear what you think... 
(I should do more reviews, but isn't Ironic i haven't finished half the games I bought - not because there good, but there good to finish - dont want it to end too quick and all that jazz) 
Oh before i forget, I am building a new website - and it doubles as a production company. You hear more about it in the coming weeks... 
More later... 

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Look, Sega. We are not Mad. 
We just want you to be fair. 
Drop the Price, if your dropping the hostess minigame. Period. 
You have no VA's to pay, you cut somethings off - so why is it still 60 bucks. 
When the US developers say that they will have DLC, they tell us in advance.  
When any developer - states were going to fix something - they do it as quick as possible. 
This was total nonsense. SONY TOLD YOU, and let me repeat myself - SONY TOLD YOU you have to have a VA for Yakuza 3. Because if you had the VA, everything would have been kept. 
BUT in Sega of America's infinite wisdom, you had to get it out ON THE SAME DAY as another failed game - FFXIII and A WEEK before the only fucking game that matters this March, God of War Three. In order to do that you had to practically BEG and THREATEN SONY the loss of the Franchise in Japan (which is what I think happened) from becoming a MultiPlatform title. And thats was the ONLY fucking REASON In my opinion and obsveration SCEA wave the rules.  
Then your ripped the rug out of them. 
Sony, for future reference? It aint worth it waving the rules so you can have more exclusives. If the idiots over in those failing J-Developers cant find good VA's when you KNOW your rules state that YOU MUST have VA - tell them to go fuck themselves. This is the only way things will ever get done right. And if Sega doesnt want to bring Yakuza 4 over, then Sony - go Pay Atlus - let them get there boys over at Bang Zoom, and watch Yakuza 4 kick ass. Hey, it worked for Demon Souls - why not this one? 
Let this also be a lesson for the rest of us. Its all of it or none of it. What I mean is that you cant pay 60 bucks for a game that is cut from the original source. They have NO CHOICE but to cut the price down at least to 49 bucks MSRP. Its only fair. 
So Sega, Stop Spinning - start letting go of the past - and let the developers develop and the publishers publish. 

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What do they all have in common? 
So far, massive fail. 
The Anon of the Internet is angry that the J-Company (or at best there American side) are being penny foolish. 
Lets start with Namdai. Boy, they really hate the PS3 THIS TIME AROUND don't they? Ok, Tekken has a few good songs, ok online, but I would be damned if im stunned why you haven't made a red cent outside of Tekken. Lets see - Naruto looked nice... but fell flat. Soul Caliber 4 was full of some bad animu joke mixed with Star Wars... You had Kratos and hes stuck on the PSP version of the game... And let me not get started on tales... 
Next up is SquareEnix, and it really deserves its own post - but i going to mention the big points here. 
They want to do a new movie, fail. 
Then they buy Eidos and Lara Croft gets a new game - but god only knows what Shenagains there up to. 
"oh, we cant do FF7 remake because it will take 15 years. 
"oh, yeah there are no towns in FF13" 
"oh and uh... its also for 360? and we cut half the game out for the meatheads who would never care about the animu game in hopes they will buy it for cause of her nice legs?" 
IT AINT HAPPENING SON! These are the same folk that Gave US Xenogears? Chrono Cross? Vagrant Story? How about Star Ocean, Valkrie Profile and all the rest on the Enix side? 
Oh and then the CEO of the combined companies said 13 is the true Final Fantasy made in house - too big of a project... 
... but thats not the worst of it and Ill get to them on a future date. 
But lastly, Sega.  
Hey, Im not hating. Bayonetta was great. The PS3 version is now playable. Valkria Chronicles is the best RPG so far this generation (Ironically both female leads) 
So, to complete the return of the J-Developer to his rightful place as, teh KING; Yakuza 3 was to come to the USA, to as one would say - shock the world and be the next J-Game to on the NPD. Demon Souls did it, So did Bayonetta. For Yakuza to do it when it didnt do it the last three times - would be the biggest surprise of this generation and would make Rockstar North (even though we love them to death, thanks for Agent!) get put in its place. 
It would also give us who respect the J-Developer that have been disappointed in there recent big game tries, like Star Ocean 4 etc - to say it was just a passing Xenogears Phase with them, there BACK!!!!!!!  
And it would give Kazuma Kiryu the next generation of great Japanese Video Game heroes, Kratos like superstardom! 
Oh, and it would have continued the trend of great Japanese games coming out this year - the aforementioned Bayonetta, Metal Gear Soild Peace Walker, Fist of the North Star Dynasty Warriors, BlazeBlue:CC, Super Street Fighter 4 (MAKOTO-CHAN MOTHERFUCKA!) Valkria Chronicles II, Gran Torismo 5 - holy shit, they just had enough AAA titles to compete with the westerners! WE ALL WOULD HAVE WON! 
But 7 out of 10 aint bad. 
But it should have been closer. 
Because my man Kazuma has been DE-BALLED. 
Because Sega USA has been working on the cheap for half a generation now and is going to fuck up every damn chance the Yakuza series has of surviving.  
Your enlightened meatheads at Sega USA came up and stated that because we ran out of time, we cant do this - thing with the females they call hostess clubs and were gonna try and make it like god of war... because were going up against god of war... 
Wait wait wait, hold on fuckers... Didnt SONY TELL all of you idiots - including YOU Sega that before this game comes in the states - YOU must have VA? EVEN FUCKING Square and Level 5 can find VA's how come they had to WAVE THE FUCKING RULE FOR YOU FUCKERS? 
And even after PLEADING, saying - we be good SONY! PROMISE! After telling yall you must have fair pricing and PLEADING with SONY "WE BE GOOD, PROMISE!" they WAVED that rule and set a 60 dollar price for what was to be a full game. 
Then you fucking RIP the RUG out of everybody and say, NO nice place for the ladies to stay; they must go out in the street and become what they are NOT!  
Let this be a HUGE reminder and lesson for Sony. NEVER, EVER FUCKING EVER lose your fucking Principles. STICK to your RULES. Never compromise - and if they dont like it let them go to MS and deal with there bullshit. Thats the reason why half the fucking WII third party games stink. Thats the reason why when they try and work both sides (Bayonetta for Sega, FF13 for Square and Lost Planet for CapGod) everybody loses - because the Japanese arnt that good in making mutiplatformers unless they have help from other companies and THEY already KNOW when they make for the PS3 FIRST everybody wins (See, Tekken, and the future FOTNS game) 
For Sega, this is the reminder why i left them in the first place, they were getting too complacent, too ego centric... too much shit - too many rules too many games. 
Its sad this could be the end of one of the most underrated franchises the US has ever seen.  
But maybe this is a blessing. 
Maybe this proves once and for all, that the Japanese never need to get bigger - they needed to stay smaller - and smarter. 
And maybe this proves that Developers need to develop and the publishers need to publish.  
But I now know who get my money... 
Sony...for God of War III 
Not because its good - we know its good... 
But because at least they dont let there people hang out to dry.

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Didnt Denno Coil predicted this?

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The ANON of the Internet is PISSED. 
Folks get arrested for SOOO MUCH Less, but it seems that the most hated man in the world (NO, not Crowley - De Sade) was right about the rich... 
The Nine Year old, is planning a Lingerie Line. 
YES folks.  
You may Barf now. 
I aint given you no sause now just the quotes: 

 Seems like every time we hear about Noah Cyrus she's doing something totally innapropriate for her age.

Whether it's dressing like a dominatrix for Halloween, skipping around a pole-dancing pole or performing the totally un-PG hits 'Smack That' and 'Tik Tok', we suspect this nine-year-old could easily notch up more scandals than her big sis by the time she hits her teens.

Noah at two Halloween parties last year.
The latest news that's got us scratching our heads and wondering, yet again, 'what were her parents thinking?' ...little Noah is set to become a lingerie model.

She'll be teaming up with her pint-sized best friend Emily Grace to launch a children's lingerie collection for 'Ohh! La, La! Couture'.

The company's website describes The Emily Grace Collection as having a “trendy, sweet, yet edgy feel, reminiscent of Emily’s true personality. She is collaborating with Ooh! La, La! Couture designers to create versatile styles that can be worn with sweet ballerina slippers, funky sneakers or paired with lace stockings and boots for more of a rock and roll look. Emily’s collection will appeal not just to little girls - the line also has an exclusive Teen Collection available to a size 14."

OH HELLS NAH SON. Handely Gets Jailed for LESS... Billy Ray is still out in the streets? DAMN SON, WE HAVE LAW! 
Or maybe Law dont count because even the supreme court dont believe in it anymore...
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Why are we surprised? They ban one, censor the big boobs and then they say there governing? But it aint my country son.  

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Even the Anon of the Internet is not at all pleased...

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Between Infinite Climax and Don Quixote 

What, you mean by that? 
Well, im going to delay my purchase of Bayonetta for a little bit. (AWWW) Im saving up for Star Ocean 4 and Yakuza 3.  
But isn't SO4 kinda like the drizzling droplets of detritus?  
Well, I heard there were improvements. Who knows? But SO isn't such a bad series - it just had the "I want to be be the Xenogears of the PS2" drug on the third version The J - Developers went on that Post Modern Kick around 1999 and should have got off of it by the time Kingdom Hearts 2 came out. Really hurt the JRPG for me - but God - Atlus was making some really good ones but they were hard to beat if you really wanted to beat the game. Level 5 realized the whole " Beat Xenogears " thing was a bit of a Crux so they made some good games as well... Then you got Vanilla Ware 
HOLY SHIT SON LOOK AT THEM FINE HUNNIES! GOD DAMNNN! Somebody must be a fan of God Of War! (And if you don't get what those three fine looking hunnys represent your in BIGGER Trouble than your are now... 
...where were we - OH yeah, Vanilla Ware, who made Demon Souls before Demon Souls in the form of Odin Sphere. Then came the Real Demon Souls and then we knew that the J - Developers had learned there lesson... some what. 
But I been waiting for Yakuza 3 for so long! The fact that they gave a chance on this franchise must mean somebody in Sony must be in love with the series. MS dont get second no thirdsies  unless you made a BILLION bucks. Sony is a bit at fault too sometimes but in there defense their first parties are a little more honest about it. 
Back to SO4 - and the reason this game over Bayo for now - Bayonetta may have some...updates between now and the time i plan to get it so Im just giving it space. That and I have a website to build and promote etc, etc.  
Now some complained on my last post that I was a Sony "Apologist" and "PR Man"... UHH... guys - I may be a sony fan but im not lockstep. There are a LOT of things Sony can improve on. They have too many similar systems and not enough redundancy. (Yes, Redundancy can be a good thing at times) None of there of there games got to the Million Mark first week. Thats not really a bad thing but MS has 3 or so if I recall (thats first party and PD is Second Party somewhat) The games they have on of the line up - God of War 3 they are praying gets a Million first week. Heavy Rain between two and five hundred thousand US side. There are many others i cant remember off the top of my head. But I don't Apologize for Sony and Im not some PR dude. 
But then again ... maybe some folk still underestimate the PS3 just a little too much. 
Anyway, as for the game of the year? I agree with GBomb's for Uncharted 2. Batman as well, but didn't really get there dislike for Demon Souls. Its just the kick in the pants JRPG's needed... Ah oh well. 
More On the Way 
And If you do play Bayonetta, make sure you watch out for the Joy angel. 
Yeah, Think Poison from Final Fight. 
Kamiya's the man. 
See yall soon.
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With Miss Bayonetta -

Well, with the PS3 having the comeback of the century - its first Cult Classic (in the form of Demon Souls) - and help made Modern Warfare 2 the biggest franchise in recent memory (that is - for a little while) . But 2010 is the year the PS3 will shine. 
It starts with Bayonetta (as i hear being worked on by the Sony Ninjas) Or White Knight Chronicles. This is followed by the big big big RPG's coming out - one being Star Ocean 4 and FF 13 - (Bayo could be coming at this time but were not sure) 
But not to be out done you got March - and FINALLY in 2010 - YAKUZA RE-FUCKING-TURNS! Sega best known franchise in recent memory is only for PS3 - and its going to be awesome. The problem is if Sony and Sega are working closely - then why cant they ask some VA work - not that I mind the Subtitles, but it was in english before...  
Not to be outdone - Theres Heavy Rain - Dante's Inferno etc... 
The Metal Gear Soild Series changes the page - for We now know when The Peace Walker comes out on May 25 2010 (barring any life changing disasters) Not to be outdone - VC2 also comes out - both on the PSP. 
This leads to the game I feel is the Zeitgeist of the Playstation - God of War III. The franchise sold well, but will it make the millions it so deservedly reached? 
Next year is the year of transformation... 
Will you be truly ready?
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I got you guys sorry for the delay