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Look, the Tea Tax Folks have a point. I would be scared out of my wits too by all of this. But one needs to look at Weimar Germany and see what happens when the Right loses power and only want its power back (and I am mostly on the right but I have a more panthist world view)

You get Hitler, elected and most of the people in the National Socialist Party were unemployed during Weimar. And there some historians that denounced what he did (correctly) and some that say he was the "victim" of circumstances caused by WWI, the Allies of that time kicking the Germans down even more etc. 

The same thing might be happening now - and since Obama doesn't want to send people (the Bankers which some of them are funding some of  the Tea Parties and the Torturers of Gitmo some of the prisoners were at the wrong place at the wrong time) to jail because he wants to "move on", he is only going to get more of these pycholicial racists who may not even know better about this situation other than Obama = Socialist = Traitor  on his doorstep.

Let Glenn Beck say what he needs to say. My issue is that he might get the thing he is trying to prevent.
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The Anon of the Internet is saddened. 

I am happy that my PSP has been fixed. 
But now Patapon 2 has no UMD.


I loved Patapon. It is the game Ninty should have done years ago. But sadly they were too busy doing sequels, and more sequels and not taking risks. It was the Reeses's Cup of Video Games. The best Handheld Game I have ever played.

Granted, for small games that take less than 10 hours to play ... and game makers starting out I don't MIND if they do downloads. If it leads to a larger game that will be place on disk then yes make it happen.

But this is a near 40 hour game. I was HAPPY to go to a store and pay for it. Im just disappointed - why sacrifice Patapon 2 for your test case?

The Pirates are fighting a losing war and they know it. So why do a test case for a game that other game makers might want to emulate in the future? I see a lot of good things in the Loco/Pata franchises that could take Gaming to the level the Wii fucking fails at. And now, even the media realizes that numbers don't matter and good games will come out of the Wii GUNK and Pussy detritus they showcase every other day on Disney XD and the like.

Its kinda frustrating. I want to get the PS3 soon, i need time but it seems time is running out. The PSP has gotten much better - but I'm worried that its going to be a more Japanese machine (not that there is anything wrong with that) because Some at Sony are hell bent on dumping the UMD drive in favor of a more Itunes/Phone/Touch format.

There is a reason why I only buy Apples Computers and not the rest of the junk - because folks, they do make good computers but unlike Sony that makes things that have functions (even if its for one game) Apples "toys" are for doushes, and i dont see whats the great thing in having so many apps (that you have to pay 20 bucks a pop in the Itouch if i hear correctly) when most of them you can already do by hand, and all the other tech shouldn't be on the Iphone (like the credit card one and the shipping label one) because what happens if somebody made a app that could steal from the other ones? Or you lose the phone!? They have the phone the sim card and the apps! It doesn't even matter if 12 out of 16 numbers are blank they still have ways of getting to it. Dont get me started on the TIPPING app or the BOOK app...

The PSP is pretty much the continuation of the Game Boy Advance and the Pocketstation - it does three things well. Can it do other things just as well? We dont know Sony has been a little late on some of the ideas they had from the first production model. But the UMD was a good idea. I dont want them to just drop it - how about improve on it? They have been very successful with the Blu-Ray. Use some of the tech in that one for any new UMD...

My problem is that this DigiDistro is too young, too easy to copy (notice that most of the big game games need the Disk in order to play the some of the downloaded items) and Sony is doing a disservice by doing this "test case". You have too many talented game artists in your sphere of influence to do just go DigiDistro. I know they want money. I just feel a Disk gives them respect. 

Ill get LocoRoco 2 later in the week - Just a little saddened that it wasn't  the continuation of the next great game franchise.
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This is awesome.

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Im trying to find one in my area...

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Look, I'm not gonna talk the same BS i usually talk about but heres my thing. Yall make good points about some of the problems. But see, Cool Cos (Obama) has the Republicans on a string meaning any thing close to what is considered "Socialistic" , they start screaming for his head, when all he is doing is the reverse of "Socialistic". Cool Cos drinking a 40 at a Basketball game, they scream. He don't wear his suit during the Superbowl, they scream. So thats just them screaming for good old gameupship. 

But the real worry is that this is nothing to do with partisanship, nor social democracy. Its a Generational issue mostly. Why is the Boomer Generation asking US to sacrifice but the Generation at the helm of power (boomers) will not do the right thing and deal out the money back to the people - since we are a "consumer economy" now - I think (the way i see it) we have over-sacrifice - many of us can't pay our school bills (and that will crash too watch) have to live in grandmas house and even for some of us have to work 80 hour days and on top of that taxed to heck and back. 

With so many folk have to wait until there 35 to even get close to financial stability (it used to be 26) thats not helping matters. All those cars out there not being bought were for us but we never had the capital to buy it. The Generational media split us up with prop 8, etc that by the time we young folk can agree on anything its almost too late and we will suffer for things we did not and where NO where came close of causing. 

Now even some folk that have kids now are getting high cause they feel they have no hope for this country and some say Obama came in because they just got tired of looking at there own folk and seeing fail and lulz. (Trust me, Cool Cos T-shirt, chick magnet. honest to god son.) And then you got others (even to the point of going to court) saying Obama cant be for real. Look, Rush can speak, and whenever he feels challenged, he's at his best. He is even got the point where he wants to see everybody succeed to the best of there ability and the reason why they cant is because they are told they cant. He's right that it is about control. He makes the error however, that the Democrats are at the one trying to control. He should really blame his own Generation which acts conservative but is no where near it. When that Generation even get religion/spirituality wrong, this country was in for a world of hurt. 
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Its still in beta its bound to have bugs...

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m1k3 said:
"what she needs to do is learn to keep that vagina shut."
Just one caveat, she didn't have sex for 8 years. The correct term is the IVD Doctor needs to keep his offices closed.
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Its almost like they are deliberately trying to get rid of leno even tho they love him to death... I mean 4 talk shows in the span of 4 hours...

As for the first show... dude was sweating something fierce. Cant tell if its bad or not yet. 
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Go to radar online...note some pics are worse than 2 girls one cup...