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Memories of Rumble Roses 

It wasn't just a wrestling game - and it wasn't about how good the PS2 can go near its end stage...
No, it was the concept of an society run amok. 

Rumble Roses may have been a very underrated game - besides 2005 was one of the last good years for Wrestling games period, where Fire Pro Wrestling came back (and then to the states 2 years later and 4 years after playing the Japanese version and transferring that data to the American version - yeah you can do that on the PS2 im still playing the game) and the BEST version of Smackdown series of games was out.

But Rumble Roses stood out from the crowd - because it actually didn't have the same Hang ups as DOA did - it looked like it was a Puroresu game (Joshi to be accurate) and the models were actually, beautiful. That and the fact you could do things the WWE wouldn't in this Orton/Batista/Cena era wouldn't be caught dead doing. (Its heading more Orton now, so its going to be Orton and his Legacy group in a sort of NWO type deal between Raw/Smackdown - but I wouldn't be surprised if Cena is given help - this is a interesting time in the WWE)

The end boss was a friggin robot? That's...not really new but its a twist. The thing that made the first Rumble Roses good, was this concept i use as well, the Road to Hell (thats for the heels) and how the face heel dynamic worked and how... they all end up...

It reminds me of the Genkjia era of manga - this truly passionate look into the mirror side of the archetypes - the stereotypes society places on women, and for some how they find refuge in a world gone cold (repcented by the creator of the end boss Dr Cutter/Anesthesia, who was tweener/heel all through out the game.)

And its why the second game on 360 was a humongous disappointment, it was just to sell dojin work and nothing more.

My hope (and still is) that if there is a PS3 version, they continue on this story... Why the real road to hell is paved with good intentions...

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