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@dudeglove: I won't deny that it's a harsh reality. I wonder how bad working conditions are for f2p over here in the states. Unions might be the way to go for game devs going forward.

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Man, when I read this last night, I was sick to my stomach. What happened? Why did the money go to their heads SO HARD?

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$12k donation?! What is going on with these donations?

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MOBA: I never really grew up with PC games, so I can't really use the keyboard and mouse to well. Simulation driving games: if it doesn't have a missile, I ain't interested. Otherwise, I'm pretty open to games, though Open-World is kinda grating me as of late.

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I think that adding either of the two universes will make KH's (an already near incomprehensible experience) near impossible to tread through. Just think about how dense either of those universes can be with reboots and extended universes. My head is spinning just thinking about it.

Though, having a lightsaber keyblade does sound pretty sweet.... Forget it. Do it. Let's see how bonkers this shit can get!!

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Anyone else think this should be stickied or something? We keep having this question pop up. I know it won't stop it entirely, but at least we'll have something to link to before the topic gets closed.

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Holy crap, this is brilliant! Now we need a dubstep version of this.

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Once you start, finish it. Focus on it. Otherwise, that's it. Enjoy the ride. Also, don't give into the hype. Just enjoy the game for what it is.

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Happy Birthday to the anime editor of Giantbomb! Take it easy, Brad and have a good one!