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I would say Snes>PS1>Genesis>N64. If you had a PS2 up there, it would be a much bigger debate for the first slot. I also probably played the N64 the most on this list, but it only had a few good games and the rest don't really hold up.

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Honorable mention to Spaz-12 from MW2. Range on that thing was DUMB.

I'm partial to RE4 shotguns. Felt great to mow down crowds of enemies with that thing. I have to go back and play so I can remember which one was best.

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Fate/Zero. It's a battle royal of mythological figures and there are alliances and betrayals and crazy ideals and mind games and OMG, I LOVE THIS ANIME.

... I may be a bit of a fanboy. Disregard my opinion on the matter.

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If I sign this, will I end up on a list? I mean, the website is called Giant Bomb.

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Dude, these are always so awesome! Also loved your Hotspot, 1UP Yours, and Idle Thumbs (yours the reason I started listening to Idle Thumbs, in fact) so thank you for all the work you have done thus far!

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I'll miss you Scoops. You've done some great work here and I'm really happy to have seen you work and grow. I wish you the best of luck for whatever you do from now on and I want you to know that, to me, you will be always a member of GB staff.

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I really, REALLY wish they had committed to that ending fully. I understand why they couldn't (and seeing that ending made me realize why we had all the confusion about whether the show should be online only or not), but still. Overall, thought it was really good. Sad to see the show go. I liked having something every week to look forward to. It was alway interesting watching a show be so inconsistent with it's quality then really find it's stride later on, mid-season. Overall, not as good as Last Airbender, but when the highs are there, it's there!

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I kinda liked how the mecha completely clashed with everything else around it. It seems out of place and FRICKIN' HUGE! Makes it seem more imposing and hostile. I can agree with some of the Kuvira hate not being completely earned since a lot of the horrible things she done is more told to us as opposed to shown to us, but she is making super weapons. And she is blinded by power. I do have to say, they've done a great job making Kuvira scary to deal with. She so calm and collected. Avatar has some of the best villain writing in a while.

Make_Me_Mad That is a good point about what Korra was trying to to, in regards to her torturing someone to get her way. But she isn't beating him, so it's a start and she still has room to grow.

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Smash 4 WiiU. The online has been mostly decent and all the challenges are a bitch and a half to complete. Also been watching anime and what not.