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@corevi: Totally this. When it gets to be too big, it's unmanageable. It's what I imagine the screams in hell to sound like.

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I've been waiting for this to end and now it's here! Time to marathon!

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I'm here from the On The Spot days. Though I started catching it on the tail end of what made that show great at the time. I was also around for the Kane & Lynch debacle. What kept me here, however, was the Endurance Run. Seeing two guys with very little anime knowledge but so much game experience was so very, very interesting to me. Took me a while to make an account on the site, though. I haven't really ever posted much.

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@liquidprince: My problem with it is that the writers and creators could to better than the middle part of that season. It shows with how that season ended. And it also shows how season 3 ended up. They are clearly very, VERY talented and know exactly how to tell a wonderful story.

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Halo on Legendary Co-Op. My friend and I were playing and it was after the Flood were introduced. We weren't good at the game at the time so we were dying a lot. Especially since we were fighting against Covenant and Flood. We were moving along the level and a decent pace for once, when we started encountering more Flood. We slowly clear out the room, but my friend dies. I start getting surrounded by flood and I go into panic mode. I go through my clip and toss my grenade. It hits a Flood in the face and lands back at my feet. I start swearing and try to jump away from the grenade. At this point, the Flood had circled me. I manage to clear out before the grenade explodes, killing all the remaining enemies and my friend spawns back almost instantly. We both jump up and down screaming "Holy shit! HOLY SHIT" and whatnot.

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I wish they grabbed Zoro and Nami's voice actors from the 4kids dubbed for the Funimation dub. Maybe even Luffy's voice actor too. And I kinda agree with English voice actors being not so good but that's because this stuff is made for the Japanese audience in mind. If they can sell this stuff overseas, extra cash for them.

Also, to the point of releasing stuff subtitled, they'd lose out on a lot of potential customers. Let's be frank, people don't like to read. When people watch a show, or a movie, they want to focus on the visuals. Reading takes away from that and people lose focus from story because they have to focus on reading. I have a lot of friends that are into anime, but don't want to read subtitles.

Also, I'd like to say that I have not watched too much of the One Piece anime, since I like reading the manga more. It's faster and I can make up my own voices for the characters in my head.

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I'm so very excited for this new season. I loved how they freakin' pulled this series out with the last season. So good. I wouldn't mind them going to do something different to give them a break. Man, I just love the world of Avatar.

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Dude, Jeff! Sorry about your loss! We're all here for ya, Presidente!

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Someone needs to make a comic of this.

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Jeff's stories are a crazy mess! Dan is a crazy mess! I can't choose!