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Hey there good folk at Giantbomb, I've skimmed the AC4 threads but couldn't find a thread regarding UPlay friends for PC players.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being UPlay friends for the social benefits in-game.
I've noticed the best source of income would be the social Treasure Fleets, as long as they are high in numbers (lots of friends discovering these for each other) you can rake in 10k a pop. And they die REAL easy.

For a completionist like myself, money is very hard to come by so all friends are welcome on UPlay! You can search for NoxiousNL on UPlay and add me. [I think that's how UPlay works, haven't messed with it a whole lot...]

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I wonder if this truly is THE Game of the Generation though. Rules are rules, but if most of this generation is spent playing a single game... WoW should've been on the list, it's a game which is NOT defined by it's release date.

Also, is there a DS Defense Squad or something? You can't even name the Vinny Effect or you're nailed to the cross by these anime avatars...

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Except that can't be the PC version. The PC version was delayed for almost 3 weeks compared to the current gen consoles.Here in Europe, this gets unlocked on the 21st of November @ Steam.

I am going under the assumption that we'll get next gen graphics on the PC. I see no reason for them to improve on the graphics above that.
We haven't seen any hard footage of this game on the PC though. So it's all guess work.

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As much as I liked the content, it wasn't exactly Microsoft content per say. I want to be hooked in on the concept of the Xbox One if I'm supposed to buy one.
They did not manage to hook me in even the slightest, it's all games my computer can run without issue - and is available on the PC... -.-'

I was hoping and expecting for more, so it's a solid 4 - close to a 5 because it wasn't a terrible production but nothing special because I am not sold on the reason I was looking forward to this years E3.

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The game obviously was in Beta, they should've treated it as such with a proper Store page warning the consumers that what was given wasn't even close to what is being promised. Shame it slipped through Stream, shame the Developer sought no need to warn it's potential fans.


I honestly wonder about all of your comments considering the last paragraph written...

Hacking for FPS games has been the norm for PC gamers for ages now. Stating that it is because people dislike the game is petty and makes me wonder your motives. Especially considering the article "One Shot, One Kill, No Skill" which is clear on trying to figure WHY people hack.

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Throne of Bhaal, for Baldur's Gate II.

Hordes of the Underdark, for Neverwinter Nights.

Mask of the Betrayer, for Neverwinter Nights 2.

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Read the first post, will definitely check out the server.

I'm up for some proper survival / sustainable living place building!

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I'm so confused. What'll happen to what's been built up? Subscriptions, tech-wise?

I'll have to watch the entire video I guess!

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NoX1ous on Origin, European. Focus on Engineer and Vanguard.

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Hey guys, in the coming days I'm faced with a choice - whether or not I switch my platform for Mass Effect 3 from Personal Computer to PlayStation 3 or not.

And I'd like you guys to give me some advice about doing it or not, since I have little to no experience with a platform beyond the Personal Computer.

Recently I've purchased a PlayStation 3 because my partner is a gamer whose sole platform is the PlayStation 3. Of course who am I to not buy a few games to play on that platform!

Seeing as Mass Effect 2 has a great significance to me, I decided to get it for the PlayStation 3 and see for myself the interactive comic and what the experience is like on the PS3.

I have yet to finish it, but I'm really growing accustomed to the PlayStation 3 experience. Yes I notice hiccups and slowdowns that my PC normally wouldn't have.

And yes I notice the lesser graphics compared to the ones from the PC. But the PlayStation 3 experience is quite good, I can sit on my bed with a lot of pillows piled up and be extremely comfortable. There's no wires no nothing in the way, there isn't a massive keyboard that I have to find a place for or anything.

Problem is, my partner likes her PlayStation - so I'm reluctant to hog it all the time. It's not that the PC is uncomfortable, so I'll definitely keep it as my own form of entertainment.

But for this particular game, Mass Effect, I really have problems deciding what platform is superior. It's so interactive and immersive, I wouldn't mind playing the game on either platforms.

What do you guys think? I am personally hinging towards the PlayStation 3 experience, but having played the demo I already notice that I really am a Keyboard and Mouse gamer.

I don't have a problem with a controller, heck - I love using one from time to time, but they really made it a shooter experience and I aint the one to use a controller for that.

Having played Mass Effect 1 & 2 on the PC, I also know that I honestly wish I had controller in my hands every now and then and just laying on my bed playing games.

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