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Hi all,

Having issues watching videos site wide, I have extentions turned off, but Safari can't seem to load any videos, I just get a message that says please use a Flash or HTML5 enabled browser. It's a fairly new install, but could there be something I am missing?

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Another case of safari 8.0.5 not working here, I'd use chrome but the recent revelation of it slaying battery life has caused me to switch.

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I saw the news this morning, just at a loss for words. I've only been following Giant Bomb for about a year and a half, but I quickly found myself frequenting the site daily. Ryan was the rock of the site, and podcast helmsman. I can't imagine what Jeff and the crew must be going through, let alone Ryan's wife. Not that it means much coming from a stranger, my condolences.

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People hate being told what they can and can't do with their stuff, and the 24hr check was just retarded to begin with. Also, do we know if games are still going to be ran off the hard drive only? Or since the disc is now required to be in the drive will game data be streamed off that? Seems kinda late in the game to change a spec like that.

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Sony is poised to kick so much ass, the keynote should be led by Cerny as that guy taking center stage is the best thing that could have happened for Sony. With Kutaragi and his minions gone, it seems like they have a smart and practical direction that is focused on one thing, GAMES. While MS seems to have it's head up its ass, and betting on live TV as the future of entertainment, is it 1968?

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I love metal gear as much as the next decoy octopus, but hayter not being in MGSV, really isn't that big of a deal to me, naked snake completely becomes big boss when he stops wearing the bandanna, and he is older now, and people's voices change with age. Who knows? Maybe we will see a young soild snake in this game? Couldn't have Hayter voicing both big boss and snake, that would just be retarded, even for metal gear.

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Well I wouldn't recommend downloading it, its 19GB, and its taking forever, i started it this morning @ 10am pst and its at 99% just now, I have 20mbps fiber too, "4 min" to go.

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A little shocked by the lack of the box itself, but hey I figure they don't have one yet because dev kits have been in weird PC cases. I'm glad Sony got rid of all the crazy people in SCEI and it really seems like they listened, and know what the hell they are talking about. Lack of Kaz does make me sad, and Andrew house should be banned from these/set on fire.

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XCOM isn't this deep turn based strategy game you think it is, it is a fairly easy game if you have half a brain. Also, all heavies no medkits is the bast strategy always.

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Sons of bitches delaying pikmin! Oh well, I'm sure it's in that June spot now, and I bet game and wario will be February.

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