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I wholeheartedly agree, here is definitive proof of why:

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@Fire_Of_The_Wind said:

It does, the weapon modifiers switching between slow heavy weapons, red, and fast long range weapons, blue, and a normal mode that's in between, and enemies that require either blue or red weapons to do damage. It really does feel like it builds on Heavenly Sword more so than DMC.

As I was playing the game this is all I could think of, it felt like a way better Heavenly Sword mechanically, with the stylings of DMC, and given a modern coat of very inventive paint.

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I've played LoL and dota 2 and if you want a game to jump into, League is the one. It's much simpler and easier to get into, which doesn't make it worse than dota, just a different approach.

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Please don't be a real person.

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Dredd trailer looks like a steaming pile of shit. Dredd 3D logo as the ending...comeon.

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Alignment -> Video Games

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If by couple you mean lots and lots then yes kind sir, I'd love a PAX code.

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You're all much more fucked up than I thought!

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number 6 looks like herbal milk tea, did it have jelly like balls on the bottom? If so herbal tea.

If not, probably dog juice.