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I don't care. Does anyone?

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bought mushimisama futari 1.5 and espgaluda 2 for xbox360 , imported them both for around $100 each

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I don't have any Vita friends whatsoever, so feel free to add me

Games: Lumines, Wipeout2048, UMvC3, Hot Shots Golf, Blazblue EX, Hustle Kings

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@Majkiboy said:

Now the only thing wee need is a gadget that adds an analog stick to the iPad.

They have something to this effect already, check it out. I haven't used it personally but i've heard of others using it on a popular ios website that it works really well. Check it out. http://tenonedesign.com/fling.php

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Talk radio/Podcasts do it for me. Run and zone out to topics you want to hear about , is a great way to start a running trance.

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I see this thread is alive and well, as mine got locked with this gem. If you enjoy Always Sunny in Philadelphia, i found this to be fun to watch/listen to.

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I hear dubstep brought up a lot and everyone loves Always Sunny in Philadelphia, right? Hope this hasn't been posted before. Enjoy!


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Been lurking GB and listening to the podcasts for the longest. This sale definitely pushed me over the edge, Much appreciated fellas. Keep up the good work and enjoy your holidays

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Usually i listen to the bombcast while driving.  Makes me laugh instead of getting upset over other drivers' bad mistakes.

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i would have never known this if i didn't see this post tonight, thank you OP. 

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