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Pirating a game isn't a demo, and shouldn't be seen as 'try before you buy'. Ridiculous, even if you are planning on buying it, when some aren't really going to; they'll pirate and play it so they don't have to spend money, or so they can see if they like it, and if they don't, they just stole without giving. You can say it's nice that the developer didn't freak out, but Dan shouldn't have done it in the first place, making it so this never needed to even occur.

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It was really disappointing to me. I think it has some great qualities to it, but overall I would only consider it good. One of the weaker, less talked about (at least in my personal life) Zelda games ever made. It doesn't help that everyone I knew of that had played the previous Zelda's didn't even play it. While I also consider it less than great overall, I don't really agree with those that say it's due to motion controls, I liked that. For me, it comes down to execution of things mostly, like the assortment of quirky characters, and some bosses (especially the final, which in itself made me feel like I wasted many hours playing it to get there). That being said, the theme is the Zelda lullaby backwards, which is neat.

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Say what you will, but the idea itself, whether any of it's done well or not, is really great. It's unfortunate Ian Holm isn't reprising his role though, I wonder if he just couldn't due to scheduling, or simply didn't want to. That being said, the content seems kind of light, and even if done well, not really worth a preorder (especially for someone that doesn't really preorder). Hopefully it'll be a timed exclusive for preorder.

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I used to do Bank of America, but stopped five years ago, and just recently started another one at Key Bank since it had the hassle free account, which is meant for teens I guess, but whatever. I don't want to have to pay a fee and crap.

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I thought a few things were worse than the original, but overall, it was a great sequel and I'm disappointed I held off playing it all this time. I got it last night and beat it this morning. Story wise, it went in the right direction to me, where it was mostly about Jackie's love for Jenny, that was sweet. The Darkness was one of my favorite games of 07, and I played it a lot, The Darkness 2 doesn't really bring that sense of amazement the first did, but it was still great.

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It depends on what you're eating. I don't ever use ketchup where I would usually use mayo, or vice versa. I don't know how to answer the question. Let's take for example a burger and fries. I put a bit of mayo on the burger bun, but for fries, I do ketchup. I used to put ketchup on the burger, but I just use Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce now. I don't care for mustard. You can also mix mayo and ketchup, which is okay, though I don't personally do it. Now, I've heard people bring up mayo with fries, and to me, that's just weird.

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People are going to hate me for this, but it's 'dammit'. Not trying to be condescending, just trying to point it out for future reference. Anyways, I don't know, but I'm excited to see how they fit in here. Dan Ryckert's a cool guy, though I don't know the other person.

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@mrhadouken: That movie reminded me of Event Horizon, except I actually enjoyed Sunshine to an extent, while I didn't really like Event Horizon. I just saw Sunshine a few weeks ago.

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I don't think I can see it this way. If a movie's bad to me, it's bad, if it's great, it's great. I don't get enjoyment out of bad movies in general, and certainly not sci-fi (which is my favorite genre).