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@rongalaxy: In WA (about 20 minutes away from where PAX is going on right now). Maybe I didn't see those, though I saw a lot of Miyazaki films there, and was pretty sure I saw Spirited Away. I have Castle in the Sky on blu ray. I know for a fact I saw My Neighbor Totoro there, Ponyo... A few more; there were about five in all. Now that I'm looking it up and seeing the case and everything, I don't remember seeing Princess Mononoke.

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I'm still waiting for my Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke ... blu-ray releases.

Those are totally out on blu-ray. Darn good releases too.

Not everyone wants to spend 50, 60, or even 70 bucks importing them though.

I saw those and more at a local Barns and Noble, they're in the U.S. I would love a Miyazaki blu ray collector's edition. I didn't buy any of them at Barns and Noble because just for one, it was like 30 dollars, which is way overpriced I think.

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That's cool. I'm going to get a Wii U very soon; perhaps in a few days.

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@caesius6: Yep, calibrated it correctly, multiple times. I've seen others say it works for them to an extent (though they're often Xbox fan boys), and others say it doesn't. I did everything correct, and it's not great. I'm not complaining about it just to complain, or hate to hate, I legitimately dislike it for understandable reasons. I feel like you like it for some reason; maybe it works for you, or it works for you about the same, and it doesn't bother you, I have no clue, but in my experience, in more ways than one, it just doesn't work that well, nor is it ideal compared to the alternative with just a controller. Don't just assume I say it doesn't work because I dislike it as if I have some bias; if it worked well, I may be more into it. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure my Kinect isn't defective. I'm positive I'm not just "plain incorrect".

It sounds like you're defending it more out of bias than actual love for the Kinect, I don't know... I don't know of anyone that has gotten it to work well. The voice recognition isn't perfect, so you sometimes have to say it over and over, even if you are speaking clearly, and after one or two times that it doesn't get it, it becomes pointless, so it's easier to use the controller. In the games I've played, like Dead Rising 3, it's dumb and somewhat distracting even to shout out at bosses, and useless to get zombies' attention with it. I also found it easier to simply press B really quickly whenever grabbed by a zombie compared to shaking the controller which actually takes more time. The funnest I've had with the Kinect was watching my brother play Zumba fitness, and it wasn't even me doing it. It was funny to see him do it, and at times the Kinect not recognizing.

I don't think I'm in the minority either with how well it works, so don't act like I'm trashing it to trash it, or that I'm wrong. It's ignorant and somewhat offensive. I gave it a chance, and I have good reason for not liking it. If I were to put a price on it, I'd say it's $40 bucks worth. That's just what I would want to pay for it if I didn't have one already, and if I actually wanted one. The person that wanted to use it most, my brother (not the one that played Zumba), doesn't even use it because it's not that great to use.

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Just going to say, terrible price for a terrible device. I bought the Xbox One with the Kinect (not planning on using the Kinect really), and enjoy the One, but the Kinect only goes so far as to being this interesting thing to use for about a half hour, though not great from the start. It worked better for me than my brother as he kept not making the correct gestures, or speaking clearer than needed, but it still wasn't good. I don't use it. It's inconvenient in more ways than one I think, when it's trying to be the total opposite.

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Only time I've been to the convention center was last year (or was it two years ago?) It was for comicon we have here, and I didn't even know it was the same place that PAX is held at the time, though I had thought it may have been. Whenever PAX goes on there, it all feels so far away, when it's only about 20 minutes from where I live. I haven't been to PAX, and not going this year as everyone I know is working probably including me; plus, the tickets always go super fast. Well, hopefully the lines are too long...

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@gunstarred: Surround Sound? It was pretty freaky, and I rarely find games to be that scary.

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I would watch it, though it'd probably be premium only, so I couldn't. And yeah, like others said above, he'd probably just trash the game after a while if he got stuck.

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@jackel2072: Of course, but I'm going to be upgrading at some point, which is why I buy some games on PS4 instead of the One right now.

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I think it should try to do what it wants to. If a developer strives for it, then sure, but if not, then no. Pretty obvious :P.