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Nice topic. I like Alien and Aliens the same, while I don't care for three or Resurrection, but still, three is better than Resurrection. Alien Isolation is great too :P. I can't vote on this since I do like the first two the same. Oh! I also like Prometheus, but it has some bad dialogue, and annoying characters (those two things can go hand in hand), which is the only reason why I dislike it more than Alien and Aliens really. It's understandable as to why it's not on here though.

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TimeSplitters 2, and while I didn't play three on Game Cube, I'd still say three. There are others, but TimeSplitters is the one that comes to mind most.

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Alright, a bit off topic, but still on topic when it comes to my computers capabilities. It says I have NVIDIA High Definition Audio, as well as this thing called Dolby Home Theater. I know what that stuff means, but I don't really know what setting I should use in games. As I play Bioshock 2, it doesn't set any options to my optimal settings, so I have to do it on my own. I suppose I can test it, but I want to know what's optimal.

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@rowr: Perhaps, though I thought I heard the first Crysis wasn't well optimized. I'm not sure. Crysis 2 runs better than the first for me. Where everything on its highest, (though lowest resolution) goes 60fps and above.

@sarcasticmudcrab: Hm, interesting. Thanks.

@bargainben: That's nice to hear. It may seem shallow, but I kind of don't want to play games at mid settings unless it's a game I've never played, and really, really want to play... I've already played Infinite on both PS3 and the Xbox 360, but the PC, if with powerful enough specs, can make that experience better, so if I were only able to go medium settings, that isn't good enough to make me want to buy it. I'm tempted to buy it just to see, but I don't know...

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@rowr: He mentioned two sites, which one are you referring to?

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@impartialgecko: Ah, alright, never mind then about the better aspect. As for FOV, yeah, that's partially true if you want full control, but it does have an FOV change for sure, but it's only two choices. I just played Bioshock 2, and it runs slightly worse than the first, but it still runs great and I'm happy I'm finally playing the ideal version. It not being a great port however doesn't bother me that much as I'm enjoying it as it is. As for the first, yeah, it depends on the computer I suppose though, because I have run into menu glitches before on it, but with this PC, and the last one I played it on, it wasn't bad.

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@nightriff: @dudeglove: Thanks for the site.

Edit - Alright, hey. I just wanted to say thanks again, this is something I've really been wanting! I am surprised it exists. Thanks a lot. Since I can't post anymore I'll just add here that while this is great, I'm not sure how confident in it I am. I mean, it says I can run Crysis at both recommended and minimum, but that game runs terribly for me. I don't doubt Bioshock 2 will run as it says, which is both recommended and minimal, and Infinite is as I expected, with only minimal (which isn't good enough to me).

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@impartialgecko: Bioshock 1 runs well. On highest setting it's around 60, sometimes a little slower, sometimes higher depending on what's going in. I think the PC version is the best version actually, except for the fact I don't use a home theater system for my PC, so not the best sound.

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I'm just curious if they could run well. I don't really know what to tell you in terms of specs my computer has, so I'll start with the processor, and graphics card, then go from there; if you need more, please tell me so I can give more information. This was a free computer my boss' boss gave me to, and while I don't think it's a gaming PC by any stretch, so far, it has run games better than I expected (and honestly makes me wonder why she gave it to me, as it's a pretty decent device, though she said it runs slow for what she wants to do. I think she may not know what she's talking about). So, it says GeForce GT 540M for graphics card, and for the processor, it's an Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz. It's one of those computers that's an all in one kind of thing, so a 1920 x 1080 26in screen, with 3D Blu ray and I'm also able to plug the PS4 or Xbox One or what have you into the back to pay games as well, though I don't, I've only tried it to see if it works. Alright, I'm going to try the original Bioshock, as I'm sure that runs well, but I still want to know if the others would. Ask me for more information that would be needed if this isn't enough please. Thanks.