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@development: I liked Oblivion. Funny you say that though, because early on, when I played the beta, I kept calling The Traveler, the tet, which is the thing in Oblivion, but no, it's not similar.

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This is also the game that thinks you need a warp drive to get from the earth to the moon (actual distance: around 1.5 light-seconds). I don't think much of it makes a whole lotta sense.

Well to do it in seconds you would

Well, seeing how the loads can be longer than one second, it's really unrealistic, even for the other planets in our solar system, so technically, they'd only need to implement the warp speed travel in some kind of DLC where it'd actually make sense, not in our solar system; well, it can make sense for the planets, but not the moon. Another thing to note is that, while I'm not entirely sure if it's real or not (since I've never stood on another planet or our moon and looked at the sky), but it seems as if most of the planets show the entire galaxy at once. That's just a few things, but at least Bungie didn't say that they were going for something realistic, though I'm not actually sure about that... I kind of wish they were more grounded, even going so far to perhaps teach about the planets and the moon in some way.

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Oh, I thought this was going to be about Dan and Metro. I'll disagree with them, and that's about it. It can of course be frustrating at times to hear them talk about something in such a way, but in the end it's not that bothersome.

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Yeah, probably both. I'm a bit more skeptical about The Evil Within, but I hope it's good, because as far as I've seen, while it does have what looks like deliberate clunky movements, it still looks really interesting to me. I'm more interested in The Evil Within because of its horror, while I love Alien because of its atmosphere and sci-fi, not really for its horror, though if it's scary as it's touting to be, then sweet I guess. I want to explore the space station Sevastopol and know what's up with the characters/story. What interests me about The Evil Within is that it looks to take a bunch of different types of horror, like slasher, and psychological, and you don't really see those two together.

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@corruptedevil: People have played them obviously, just as all the games mentioned here. I just think those are two games, as far as I've seen/heard, not many people have played. They're well known though I think.

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Obviously, there really isn't any game someone has played only themselves, but if I had to come closest to it, I suppose Snatcher and Policenauts. Those are games I know people have heard about, but I'm not so sure about played.

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Got it on the One since it came out earlier than on PSN. The game was good again, but Metro 2033 had its pluses and minuses compared to the original. They changed the voice acting for the children, which was dumb; they changed the music, whether that be just in a section where one had previously been and now isn't, to taking the music of combat and sneak from Last Light and putting it in 2033, which I disliked too since I liked 2033's music. I like Last Light's, but 2033's was different, and should have stayed, that was kind of making it too similar, but they also added Last Light's sneaking mechanics, which made it easier, though better. Last Light was the same game, but with better visuals if you played the last-gen versions. I enjoyed them, but after I was done with both, though I won't say I am finished, and I had already started 2033 on hard, I didn't dive back in with the motivation I had hoped I would have. I wanted to post as I find it surprising and kind of weird that they're having a quick look of it tomorrow.

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Going back to it, it's not quite that special game I remember it being (I went through it again a few days before Ground Zeroes came out), but I still love it regardless. All was fine, but the dialogue was way more corny than I remember it being, and the game is extremely short. I love MGS, but when going through them back to back, you notice they all carry the same stuff from a story perspective, and it's kind of too much, like the whole nuclear thing. It's just some aspects recur too much. Although on the flip side, going through them back to back also made me realize some important story bits I had totally missed before.

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