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I'm not sure if this has been made before, but I don't think it has, and I am just curious. I should have asked "Will you let your child play any game they want?", or something, because since everyone plays games here (I think), they're probably going to know what a game is like without ESRB.

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This thread should be locked. I hate when one person makes a thread, and another person follows up with another that's going against it with a similar title just to be clever. Boooo.

Um, in case you haven't noticed, this thread has generated plenty of discussion and it's only just begun. And how is my thread going against another thread? I'm stating my opinion of a game, just as anyone else can. I'm not saying the other thread is wrong, and neither idea is mutually exclusive.

If you aren't going to contribute, don't post.

The point is, is that you're making a topic about the same exact thing that was already made, so you could have just as well made your opinion there rather than make this. You didn't need to make an all new thread to make a point. I did contribute just as I needed to, next time don't make a thread such as this.

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This thread should be locked. I hate when one person makes a thread, and another person follows up with another that's going against it with a similar title just to be clever. Boooo.

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I liked it a lot, when I played it at the time it came out, it was one of my favorite games. I wish that they remaster it and put it on PSN. HD-ify it, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, bug fixes, and make it run at 60 frames per second, and maybe give it iron sites, though that can be left out I guess. I would definitely get it. I hope they come around and release it like that, instead of not putting it out altogether like they are. I have the PS2 version, but I haven't played it in a long time, and don't really plan to, but I'd still like this. And yes, I know this thread is old.

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@Yummylee: I wasn't referring to people that didn't really notice the details, I meant fans of the previous games, and how some (or a lot?) didn't like how they were changing the voice. It could have turned some off, and to make it so no fan would have any doubts, they got the original back. That's what I meant, to make sure that at least the fans would want to buy the game, so they'd at least have some money. I read into it though, so I don't really feel the same way as I did before.

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Awww, you made it a poll. Never mind. I was going to say you should check out Tron: Uprising, but... Yeah, never mind.

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@Yummylee: I disagree, I can say that about whatever aspect of any game I want if I feel that's right. Also, I'm not angry about it, but I'm not happy about it either, I just find it awkward. They also shouldn't have withheld this news, it should have been announced right when they got him, and if they had just got him, it's even more awkward. They should have just had him do the voice all along. Yes it is for the fans, but I still think it's about the money as well, and yes, it's fine because they have to make a living, but still, it doesn't seem right in a way.

I mean, the only question that needs to be asked, is why? Why get him now? Why not have him just do it originally? To me, it's less so "Well the fans want him, we have to get him, we love our fans." It's more "Well the fans want him, we have to get him. Anyone that was worried about the game, shouldn't be, to add to this, we're getting the original voice actor. Hopefully we'll get back anyone that was worried. Oh, yes I will take that money now." Whatever though, I guess, now, I don't care. I'm sure they do appreciate the fans, but almost as always, it's more about the money than it is the fans. Hopefully it'll turn out great though.

I'm not the pessimistic type. I would say you're right, but I don't believe this is happening because the fans come first. I could be wrong of course. Whatever, whatever, whatever. Again, hopefully it'll turn out great, because in the end, that's all that matters.

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@Yummylee: That is true, but I just wanted to say, I believe Agent 47 will be talking more in this than the previous games because this time around it's more about his take on what's going on since it's only him. I think you've read or heard about that right? The other guy probably got paid what he was originally supposed to get, it's just that I hate when developers do something to blatantly get more sales, and I feel this was a way to do it for those that are at all worried about the game.

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So, I saw some of it on YouTube, and to me, it seems like it has to do with indoctrination. Why does it seem like Bioware really saw the outrage and theories of the original ending and is basing everything they do now when it comes to ME3 around that? "No, no, the ending isn't indocrination, but for those that did believe that was it, we have this DLC that has to do with indoctrination. Yayyyy!" Maybe I'm wrong though.