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@Hungry: No, I haven't really posted to him in a negative way. I'm just telling you how I feel.

@konig_kei said:

If you just agree with him you will beat him.

Yeah, I kind of did something like that.

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@tunaburn said:

oh god youre posting here too? what are you like 6? cry more baby. boo hoo want your ba-ba?


Tell me you're being sarcastic, as I hope the ";)" is saying.

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@Hungry: He did get a small rise out of me with my first response back to him, but I think he got the jist of it. Don't fuck with me. I don't like bragging, ever, but this person is messing with me when inside, I just don't seem like the person to be doing that too. This is not me saying I'd go after someone because of it, I'm just saying I don't see myself as someone that should be targeted with the comments he's sending my way, since they have no bearing on me.

When I said bragging, I just think that I'm a much stronger willed and a much better looking person than he thinks I am. Now, usually when someone says they think they look good, that's probably not true, so I shouldn't say it; I know, but still. I don't do that sort of thing, but if he thinks I'm some fat lazy shit that sits on my ass all day eating doughnuts, he'd be surprised. Alright, sorry that was unneeded. I also don't swear as much as I did in those two paragraph, usually, ha ha.

@Ravenlight: Yeah, very much true. I've been marking all of his comments with the "spam" or "offensive" stuff.

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@Dagbiker: The problem here is that I never said anything that should have pissed anyone off, but he's unremitting, it's pathetic and kind of funny at the same time.

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@JasonR86: Thanks for the post, I agree entirely.

@RPGee: I know, and I'm not. The unfortunate fact for him is that I'm not so 'weak' though I understand his poor intentions.

@Fredchuckdave: Well, we're not debating, he's just targeting me when he shouldn't be. Oh, and I agree about the whole anonymity thing. There are actually plenty of places I use my full name because I'm not afraid to do that. I'm less concerned about who this guy is than who this guy thinks I am. He keeps calling me ugly and calling me a loser, yet if he saw me (and yes, I guess I'm bragging, so sorry) he wouldn't think that. It's... I don't know, it's something.

Thanks for the posts, fortunately, I'm not angry anymore.

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@TheDudeOfGaming: Yeah, it's a very, very rare occurrence for me. I've calmed down. I don't believe I've ever run into an individual that tries to seek me out and troll my comments, it's usually someone that goes after a group of people, which I am not part of, until I happen to interact with it, if I do. I don't feel like I'm one to be trolled, or in this case bullied, but I guess everyone can be. Thanks for your post.

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Or, I don't know if that's the correct word, but I was wondering, has anyone else here posted on sites in good nature, and yet someone, an individual, has posted repeatedly negative comments toward you? I'm having this dilemma over at GameSpot, and it's really fucking annoying. I'm almost always in a good mood, and it takes a lot to get me angry or even annoyed when it comes to replying to someone on the internet, but this guy seems to go to the extreme. First I post on a blog about RE6, then he kept talking shit, and then he just recently came back with an off-topic "o geeze u still around are you? Why don't u just watch it and shut your trash" on the Halo Live stream they had going over there. Like I said, it takes a lot to get me mad, and I often don't ever resort to swearing at a person or even being combative -- I guess you can say -- towards anyone, but man. Has anyone else here had this happen? It's really bothering me when all I ever try to do is ask or comment in good nature. It ruins my often perfectly good mood. Sorry if any of this seems jumbled, I'm kind of frustrated. I was really happy and excited, but then out comes the "troll" and it caught me by surprise. I hope this is OK enough to discuss and not worth locking. Alright, bye now.

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This is an absolute terrible poll and should be locked. It doesn't really say anything.

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@Will1Lucky: Then it's funny how you have Connor as your icon. Ha ha.

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@laserbolts: That's OK, I understood it all and I thank you for your post. Next time try to separate it into paragraphs though. I also wanted to ask, which version was it that you played?

@takayamasama: Huh, interesting. Thanks for your post. I haven't yet started playing it because my brother hasn't brought it over, but I'm sure the game isn't bad, or at least bad enough to not want to get through, ha ha.

@huntad: Sweet, I guess I'll see when I finally play it.

@UberExplodey: Depending on how much I like it, I'll see if I want to do 100 percent. It's too bad they don't explain all the stuff.

@yevinorion: Yeah, I hope they keep patching it to make it the best possible experience it can be, and I'm with you, I'm in it for the long haul.

@Asmo917: Maybe it's because you're not done with Dishonored that makes you disinterested, ha ha. Maybe not though.

@StarvingGamer: Alright, thanks! It seems to me these bugs are present, but it's up to the player to determine if or how much it bothers them. Or maybe in areas of others sessions different things happen. Hopefully I won't come across too many bugs, and if I do, hopefully they won't bother me.

@LawGamer: Yeah, I've heard it takes about five hours to get into it. You don't think it pays off though? A lot of people have complained about it, but also said that it was probably a good idea that it was there.

Thanks for your posts!