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@Morrow: Metal Gear Solid 4 is more accessible to action fans than the previous ones are, or it's simply more accessible in general, though you have a lot of leeway to play it the way you'd like. The biggest problem is that MGS throughout has full of interesting characters, and the story is pretty complex, so playing through them all makes much better sense. Don't make the mistake by putting it down low on your "want to play" list, because I can guarantee you'll love the series. Play the HD collection, and I think you get the original for free, which is still a fantastic game although it's on the original PS.

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I wanted to point out if it hasn't yet been pointed out, that not only are trophies coming, but a full install of the game will then be available along with the trophy update. So for those that didn't like sitting through the three minute or so install for new chapters every once in a while won't have to sit through them anymore.

Edit - Oh, the comment just before me mentioned it first! Ha ha. Funny...

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Eh, don't waste the money.

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@pekarn said:

Best first person melee combat in a game is The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. If you haven't played it I highly recommend it. Not just for the melee combat, it's a brilliant game overall.

Indeed. Unlike the films (at least in my opinion) it has to be one of the greatest additions into sci-fi in general. The only reason I can appreciate the films to a certain extent is because of the games, and a few other reasons I noticed when watching Pitch Black a while back.

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@Humanity said:

Also yah, Dead Space is like one of my favorite, if not THE favorite new franchises of recent years. I love sci-fi and the old school aesthetic of big clunky machinery and all that stuff. Dead Space 1 was kind of like Event Horizon the game and the second game was just as good. I have some worries about Dead Space 3 but I'm still really looking forward to it.

Agreed with everything, except for the fact that I'll never put Dead Space and Event Horizon together even if there are some similarities. I thought that film was kind of bad, and to say they're alike, to me at least, is putting Dead Space down. I just say Dead Space is to Alien as Dead Space 2 is to Aliens. I like those two franchises the same as well.

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@Humanity: Glad Dead Space 2 was your choice, that's one of my favorite games. I haven't played Max Payne 3 yet, but I hope I will. It's too bad it was... disappointing?

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@TaliciaDragonsong: I agree. As much as I didn't really enjoy my time with it, I won't deny the quality the game has and I do think it stands above all other comic book games, well save for Asylum. Also, I still think the combat looks awesome. I'd love it if they made a new Tron game and used the Arkham combat system for it.

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@Clonedzero: Not every game you play is going to be fun.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: I dislike things to a certain extent I'm sure most loved, like the atmosphere (or setting), a lot of the voice acting seemed a bit forced from a few actors or just sounded silly to me, and the story wasn't compelling to me one bit. It's just weird and somewhat ironic to me since I loved Asylum, but I was severely disappointed in this.

I even felt a bit melancholy when I looked over the bay in the game and saw the asylum. I've done everything in it though aside from all of the Riddler trophies, but I did look up on YouTube what happens when you get them all, and to me it's not even worth it. Nonetheless, I still have faith in the series and the everyone that was behind making the game, I just didn't enjoy this very much.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: I really wish I liked it more. I played that game a few months back for the first time, and I remember coming home with the game in hand and I was so excited, but once I got through it I was sadly disappointed, I've gone through it a third time now to see if I'd get over my dislike over it, and while playing on the new game plus (after my hard play through which was kind of worthless), it was a little bit better, but not much. I find that from both Uncharted 3 and Arkham games, I like it better when those hit indicators are off. That's a minor thing to point out, but still. I'm listening to the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack right now, and it's fantastic. I wish they get Hans Zimmer - even though by now it seems a bit cliche - to work on the soundtrack for the next Arkham game.