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@Hunter5024: It doesn't really matter though, but I thought I'd tell you anyways.

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To me IP means franchise, so I'd say Dragon Age, Assassins Creed, Uncharted, and inFamous (feel stupid every time I type that properly.) I say these given the context of the current generation, though I don't feel like many of these games will continue to be a strong IP moving forward. Uncharted will likely be pawned off to a lesser developer, inFamous (ugh) probably left in the dust, and Assassins Creed milked until it's dead. It still feels a little too early to say about Dragon Age though, I think what makes that game good can carry over into the next generation without anything lost, but it remains to be seen how much DA2 damaged the brand.

Actually, it's funny 'cause it's not "inFamous". It's either Infamous (which I'm sure you'd prefer), or inFAMOUS. While I'm not actually laughing about it, it is quite funny you got annoyed over that when you weren't even saying it correctly. Ha ha.

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I go to other places to get games since they're closer now, but I've never had a problem with a GameStop before. I've had a few problems with GameCrazy's before, but it was nothing personal, as in, crap that I didn't approve of happened to my brother and friend at a few different ones, but not me.

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@Soapy86: Yes, Arkham counts. If Arkham didn't then I wouldn't consider Portal to be either since it's in the same universe as Half Life.

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@FluxWaveZ: Yes, but it has to be games from 2005 to now.

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When someone usually asks this, I'd imagine they'd have a list of all or at least a few to come up with, but I don't really want to do that, so I'll just skip to wanting to read what you guys think. What are your favorite ones? Sorry if this is a question that has been asked before once or more in the past. This doesn't have to be your top favorite, but it might be more interesting if you did have a definitive one. Also, if you do have a definitive favorite, why is it your favorite? What, to you, makes it better than the rest of the ones you could feel the same about? And what new game in general to come out are you most excited about?

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Big things have small beginnings.

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Dragon dragon, he's a dragon, Dragon Ball Zeeeee!

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This kind of goes with my other thread that I made about who'd you like to go on an adventure with, in case anyone was thinking "dude, what's with these?" I just think if they were to ever take hold of an existing franchise, even if it isn't possible, or unlikely, it'd be neat to see these be done by Naughty Dog.

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