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Or the next one over, which is 1000 dollars.



- Intel Core i5 4590 CPU

- 8GB 1600MHz Memory

- 120GB Samsung EVO SSD

- 1TB 7200RPM HDD

- Upgraded CPU Air Cooling

- H81 Motherboard

- 600W Corsair CX Power Supply


- Microsoft Windows 8.1

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@rethla: I don't plan on playing GTA 5 honestly. It's fine enough on PS4. I was just saying that I found the site due to them making a PC that runs GTA 5 well.

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Oh, never mind! I found the specs. I just had to click the buy button. Hm, the graphics card is a pretty good one. That said, while I know the specs, I'm still wondering about reliability of the site (for instance, how fast will it really get to my door after purchasing), and do you think it's a decent enough PC. Here's the specs, so you don't have to click and find it yourself. I'm currently checking YouTube videos to see the frame rates of games. I'm largely a console player, but I love gaming on PC as well, so frame rates like 30fps don't really bother me. I have a monitor, which is the one I'm using right now, that's 1920 x 1080, but I can opt for a 1440 x 900 monitor, or run games in windowed 1280 x 720 to boost the frame rate; that doesn't bother me that much. It seems Far Cry 4, which I don't think I'll get on PC since I already have it on the One, runs at 39fps on average on maximum settings with this system.


- AMD Radeon R9 270 2GB

- AMD FX-6350 CPU

- 8GB 1600MHz Memory

- 1TB 7200RPM HDD

- 760G Motherboard

- 500W Corsair CX Power Supply


- Microsoft Windows 8.1

Price: $799

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@theht: Yeah, it's nice to listen to. I listen to it on the site.


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I'm just wondering how good this PC is. I can't find any specs on it on the site, but it's pretty cheap (or, cheap enough) for what's supposed to be a good gaming PC, or at least that's what the site and some reviews are saying. I don't know if I can trust it, but I'm interested as of right now.


If it's decent enough to play recent games at 1920 x 1080 or 1440 x 900 at highest settings with good frame rates, I would get this in a few weeks, but I don't even know what the graphics card is. Also, I know you will say just build one, but I'd rather opt not go through the hassle right now. Oh, when I say recent games, I mean games like Bioshock Infinite. Crysis 3 would be awesome, but I doubt it'd run that at its highest with a great frame rate, though I don't know; even 30fps would be okay to me, though I'm doubting it'd even do that, though again, I don't know. I just checked Digital Storm out because I saw the news about them building a GTA 5 PC. Does anyone here know how reliable they are?

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Anyone else going to watch it? It takes the name of the radio show he does online, called StarTalk. I love listening to StarTalk, or listening to what Neil and some other scientists have to say about the universe in general. This show, kind of like StarTalk, seems to be more about getting those that are less interested in it, interested in the topic, but I still love it, so I'll be watching it. It's on the National Geographic channel, and will start 4/20/2015 at 11:00 PM Pacific Time (yes, you can make a joke about that date I suppose, now that I think about it). That said, from what I'm reading now though, is that it'll only have ten episodes; I'm not sure if that means overall, or just in a season, but whatever it is, I'll be watching it; will you?


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Just finished Invisible War. I liked it, but it was like The Walking Dead Season Two's end; I wasn't satisfied with any of the ends, in more ways than one. Also, while not really adding to the reason I disliked the ends, going back to Liberty Island and seeing all the areas you were in, in the first game was kind of depressing. It was similar to going back to the same places in Stark in Dreamfall, that was in The Longest Journey. Glad I finally played it, though it kind of sucks now when playing playing Human Revolution or when going into Mankind Divided, that we already know where it eventually leads to.

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I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I like it. I like the worlds, the tech, and the assortment of aliens they have, but I was never really into the films that much in terms of story (I don't care about the issues between Jedi's and what have you). I think a lot of the Star Wars games are really good, and whatever animated show is on (I think there are more than one, or even two) was decent too from the very few episodes I've seen. I'm not saying this as if you can't be a fan of Star Wars if you like this other thing, but I for some reason feel it's worth mentioning; I'm a much bigger Trek fan. I am somewhat excited for the new films, and I know I'm going to see them in theater. Seeing Solo and Chewbacca in the latest trailer looked more like they were doing a skit for a late night talk show than it was them in the film. So yeah, I enjoy it in some manner, though when it comes to sci-fi, they aren't what I get most excited over.

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@frostyryan: It's considered to be a space opera, which is sci-fi.

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@patchcoat: I think it'll probably be fine, but even if it's not, I don't really want to buy it from GOG, or anywhere for that matter, not again. It'd be easier just to find a solution to fix what I already have, and I doubt it's due to Steam; I have the feeling it has to do with running it at 1920 x 1080, which it doesn't normally support. I'm almost done with the first, which was way shorter than my first time through, though that is probably because I don't feel the need to look in every nook and cranny like before; almost, but not quite. It's great. Oh, and thanks for the Invisible War mod. I don't feel it's needed since it looks okay already, but now that I'm checking images of it, wow; that looks really impressive, so I might try it.

@artisanbreads: Yep. It's actually done now, now that I checked (it wasn't yesterday). They just have to test it now.