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@MooseyMcMan: The end originally felt like it was missing scenes left and right, and with this dlc, Bioware essentially added in those missing scenes, making for a much smoother and more cohesive experience. There is also additional dialogue and scenes towards the end, and a bunch more of exposition from Starchild, (who's actually the collective of the Reapers), that just makes everything make sense.

This is as good as it's going to get in terms of an ending, and I'm pretty happy with it.


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It basically, if kind of in a not entirely qualitative way, patched up every story problem people had. It outright denied the indoctrination theory. I believe the Illusive Man at the end conversation said one other thing, and awkwardly, for some very odd reason, I didn't get to choose between a red or blue choice which would have saved Anderson, but no, Illusive Man shoots him. I could have shot him but I had to press the right trigger which I didn't want to do, but then he was going to shoot me after so I'd have to reload the save, so I shot him.

That was a different thing that I didn't have to have happen on my last play through’s since I could choose blue, and that was disappointing. The change happened right when you started running down and dodging the Harbinger fire, the next cutscene was new, it showed Liara and Garrus running behind Shepard, there's an explosion and they all get behind some cover as Liara is somewhat hurt, Shepard calls down for Joker for a pick up, that's where it shows how they got on the Normandy, Liara says "I'm fine" as in, I can still fight Shepard, but Shepard won't have it, and the Normandy leaves with Garrus and Liara on it.

It then takes control in cutscene format of what you would have done; running down the rest of the area and it shows the Normandy fly off just over the right of Shepard. And then the Mauder Shields thing happens. Once you get into the ship, it actually shows Shepard get throw up into it and down onto the ground instead of him waking up from it like it's in his thoughts and been out for a while. Some stuff, though I can't be sure, seems different. I think some of the stuff was different, like the Shadow Broker resemblance, Shepard never even mentions it which I believe he did before, and it kind of moved differently.

Once you get to the Illusive man conversation, the one different thing is that at the beginning he says "I can take control of you" or something. After that conversation, Shepard goes up on the elevator and talks to the child, and there's a bit more choices you can have so you get more information about what will happen when you choose the stuff, and I have a feeling they were different. Anyways, I for the first time out of three playthrough’s take the synthesis choice, Shepard dies, but everyone else is saved and the crucible worked as Hackett then mentions.

Humans become more advanced; I think they become part synthetic, while the synthetics understand the organics. There's a bit more to the endings to showing exactly what's happened to them. The green stuff goes all over, a husk jumps on a human, but then they both become infected (for the better), and the thing jumps off of the human and it is then good. Then it shows a cutscene where Ashley's standing behind Joker and says they have to go, and Joker says "dammit" 'cause he couldn't save Shepard, and they fly off. Then it's to the cutscene where it's on the planet the Normandy crash lands on.

And then it goes to this slide show-like cutscene where it's EDI talking about what the thing did. The Reapers and the rest of the synthetics are helping rebuild what they destroyed (showing Earth and the Reapers walking around in the background), and she also talks about how organics have all-knowing knowledge and they've basically become everything they wanted to be. Humans have green eyes and some type of algorithmic green glow around their bodies. Next it shows the wall of people that died, on the Normandy and the crew, Liara is holding a plaque for Shepard, and she puts it on the wall.

She turns around, and hugs EDI, then it finally shows the Normandy take off from that planet and go somewhere (presumably home). And that was it, the credits roll, and the ending message isn't the same, it basically just says thanks for playing devoted fans, hope you'll join us on the next adventure for Mass Effect. Alright, so this is a wall of fucking text and I'm sure people will hate me for it, but for now, I'm keeping it. I'll change it later, but right now I'm going to take a shower. I don't really know whether to think the ending was good or bad, but it was something else.

Personally, I thought the ending was fine.

Edit - Well, it was a big wall that I just fixed. Anyways, it's still kind of hurried up and so I'm sorry about that.

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I'd love to see a quick look of this.

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@golguin: @paulwade1984: Awkwardly, I had everything as far up as I could without doing the multiplayer, and before, I could do all the blue or red on my conversations, but this time I couldn't, and the Illusive man killed Anderson. It sucked. I don't really understand why this was, I got a new achievement because my war readiness was at the top, in yet I still didn't get the choice for Illusive man to shoot himself and have a nice little conversation before Anderson dies? It was just weird to me.

@Napalm: Yeah, everything was pretty much laid out and finished.

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There was also more to the conversation choices when talking to the child thing. There were differences for sure. Now the Star child thing is going, it's the same. Oh, and the end message is different. It basically just says thanks for playing.

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I just beat it, and it's fine, some of the stuff feel tacked on, and it totally made it so the indoctrination theory everyone thought it was isn't so. The one major thing that changed for me was that the Illusive man killed Anderson since I didn't have the choice to pick blue or red which I did before. What the hell is that about? I don't know, I'd like to hear what everyone else thought. This was my third playthrough, and I did two of the side choices, everyone except for synthesis, so I did it this time, and well, yeah. Right now I don't really know what to think. It was different.

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@Zacagawea: Yeah, that would have been great.

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@Wraxend: Yeah, I heard, that sucks. No, I'm downloading it right now on 360.

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Yeah, sweet. It's too bad it often gets on the actual site than the system first. I'm downloading it now too. I'm excited.

Yayyyy. It's going, and it's going pretty fast too.

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@Zacagawea: It's in one hour from now then? What time zone are you? I have the game going right now, it just updated, don't know what that did, but I'm sure it wasn't anything real special.